Monday, November 26, 2007

Keep A Dog Warm

Dusty Doodles Reporting!!!
Sometimes my Da momma isn't so stoopid and sometimes she does good. This is one of those times. Da momma wrote this post to her husky groups and Doodles felt it was worthy to be posted here, so I found the post and cut and pasted it here:

It's that time of year when many charities are begging for your dollar. There are many great dog related charities out there and I support several of them myself.

But, there are dogs that are often forgotten -- shelter dogs. Many of these dogs are not adopted and face the executioner's needle. Most of these dogs are housed on concrete which can be cold and damp during the winter months. Most of the shelters do not have heating in the kennel areas and this can be especially hard on the older dogs, who take extra time to find a home (if they ever do).

This year, as it's getting colder and you are bringing out your winter blankets and quilts, I'm sure many of you will be replacing some of those blankets, quilts and throws, as yours have gotten old and just plain thread-bare. Before you toss them in the trash, could you please call your local animal shelter and see if they can use them to help keep the dogs warm??

Many of the big city dog shelters are now going to above the ground beds for the dogs, but those of us in rural areas with small shelters and smaller budgets just don't have those luxuries for our shelter dogs. A blanket can make all the difference in the world to a dog on a cold winter night.

The shelters that are still using blankets will have washers and dryers and believe me when I say they run 24/7 this time of year! More then once while I was working at the shelter, I stayed late, without pay, to make sure all the blankets were washed and each dog had one before I went home. Having extra blankets would help!

Don't worry about them being thread-bare or even if with quilts, if some of the stuffing is coming out -- most of the shelters will repair them and/or give them to dogs that won't rip them up --- remember not every cold dog is a Siberian!!

The other thing, a lot of times Wal-Mart puts their cheap throws (regular $4) on clearance after the holidays for as low as $1. These are wonderfully warm for a dog and even if you could only spend $5 (5 throws) -- it would be a big help.

Thanks for all you do, every day for the dogs!!!
So, all you huskypups, doglets and other dogs, GO now and raid your hooman's closets and pull out all their old blankets and make your hoomans take them to the shelter. Keep a dog warm! Not all dogs are as lucky as us and many could sure use a blanket.
This year Da momma said she's replacing all of our blankets with new ones and she's gonna wash up our old ones and take them to the shelter, plus she's buying a bunch of new ones from Wally's and taking them too.
Don't let any dog be cold this winter! WE can do this!! GO NOW and donate those blankets!!
Doodles Out!!

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Da Sister's HERE!!!

Dusty Doodles Reporting!!!

Da Sister is HERE!!! She and Timmay came to visit yesterday -- Doodles didn't get to jump on her head cuz it was my day outside, BUT Da momma says theys coming back TODAY and TODAY is my day in the house!!! WOOWOOWOOO!!! Doodles gets to jump on Da Sister's head!!!! DoInG tHe HaPpY hUsKy DaNcE!!!!! Doodles can't wait to jump on Da Sister's head!!!

Da momma told me that Da sister needs extra husky hugs cuz she's gonna be a MODEL teacher!! See it's like this, Da Sister is a bery, bery good teacher and her whole class of kidlets are doing really goods -- they can reads way ahead of their grades -- so Da Sister is getting the award from the currikulum peopols and she has to go to O-Land-O, Floryda!! Doodles is so excited for Da Sister and I always knew she was a good teacher, cuz she taught Doodles lots!! She taught me when I was just a little pup how to wrestle with peopols and how to sits and how to JUMP on her heads!!!! So all you huskypups and other doglets, if you live in Floryda watch for my Da Sister, k?? She's really nice to doglets and huskypups, not to mention other dogs as well. I bet she will even have cookies in her pockets in case she meets any of you!! Don't forget to jump on her head!! She says she hates it, but Doodles knows she really loves it. Da momma says she'll try to get a picture of Doodles jumping on Da Sister's head to show yous hows its done.

In other news, I know it was Turkey Day the other day and even though Doodles tried to get on the puter, the puter didn't like Doodles. So HAPPY TURKEY DAY a bit late!!

Turkey Day is a day to be thankful -- I don't know why they calls it Turkey Day and not Thankful Day -- but peopols are stupid, so it's hard telling why they have to have a whole day devoted to eating turkey. Doodles likes turkey and everything, but Doodles thinks if peopols has a day for turkey, they should have a day for chickens and we could eat chickens all day. We could call it Thank Chicken Day or somefin. I'm gonna talk to Meeshka about it and maybe when she rules the world, she will make it happen.

So what is Doodles thankful for?? Da momma says its a traydeshun to list 7 things you are thankful for on Turkey Day. So, even thoughs I'm a little lates -- here's my list:

  1. Doodles is thankful for his Da momma and his Da dad and of course Da Sister. In fact Doodles loves his whole hooman family cuz they take good cares of Doodles.
  2. Doodles is thankful that Whiskey came to be my friend and my girl. I was pretty lonely before she came and I'm really happy she's here now.
  3. Doodles is thankful for the good foods that I gets. I eats Canidae, but it always has something pecial in it. Sometimes it has chicken soups, sometimes yogert, sometimes cheese, sometimes deer or even beefalo. It's always good and it's always on time.
  4. Doodles is thankful Da momma buys the best cookies ever and I gets lots of them, as long as I don't get too fluffy.
  5. Doodles is thankful for a nice dog house when I'm outside and that I gets to sleep on the couch when I'm inside.
  6. Doodles is thankful for MUD
  7. Doodles is most thankful for YOU! All my blog friends!! Give yourself a big Husky WOOOOO!! for being such great friends.

Well, that's it for today -- time to go wait for Da Sister!!

Doodles Out!!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Dis and Dat

Dusty Doodles Reporting!!

I know, everypup, it's been a few weeks, but Doodles has been busy!! Doing nothinggg!!!! wooowooowooo!!!

We had lots of visitors the other night. Yip brought his whole klan to visit us. Several of the yippers were in our front yard -- they hopped the fence to visit with us. Now, lest you gets scared, they didn't do no harm, thems just sats on the grass part of our yards and yipped at us. We had a nice time, Da momma and Da dad said they didn't appreciate our visitors. I guess we were too noisey or somefin.

Da momma's all done doing the workie thing every day, now she's just doing her regular workie thing -- that's nice to have Da momma home with us when she's supposed to be home with us! Today she's home, cuz she said she was taking a howliday -- Doodles hasn't heard her howl yet, but I know she will sooner or later. She did however, make us cool new beds for the house. They are really for Meanie Shonee and Tunman, but Da momma says we can use them when we are in the house for our inside time. They are very nice and Doodles is trying hard not to rip them up. I don't thinks I will, cuz they are very comfortable to sleep on.

Da dad says they have a baby roo at his exoptic animul farm. Her name is Joey. Da dad says that he had to take Joey away from her momma so they could bottle feed her and make her nice to humans. One day, Da dad promised, he will bring Joey home for us to sniff her real good. Right now we just gets to sniff Da dad's jacket, which smell funny.

OH!! I almost forgots to tell yous -- we have MUD!!! Doodles loves the mud, but Whiskey Girl loves the muds more -- in fact when we don't have natural muds, she will make her own muds by swimming in the water bucket and then rolling in the dirt! She looks funny with muds all over her and Da momma doesn't like it much -- she calls her a LabberSibe cuz only Labs like muds!!

Nothing else is new here -- what's new in your neighborhood????

Doodles Out!!!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Peepols are Stupid!

Dusty Doodles Reporting!!

Doodles wants to warn everypup! Someone came to our house and threw cookies in at us -- we thought they were nice peepols, but they were very bad. The cookies had poison on them and Tunman got sick.

He is okay now and thank doG, that most of the cookies that they threw at us didn't make it into our pens. Da momma and Da dad picked them all up and turned them over to Animul Control. They's the good peepols that help us huskies and other pups.

Doodles is glad Tunman is okay. BUT everypup and thier hooman needs to be extra careful and check your yards and pens every day before you gets the ugly peepols, who are very bad, in your neighborhood throwing cookies in your yard.

Be careful!

Doodles Out!!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

A Visit From StinkyKat

Dusty Doodles Reporting!!

Lots of things to tell you today!!

Last night was Doodles and Whiskey's night in the pen...we spend every other night out in our pen becuz of Meanie Shonee. Anyway, we had a very special visitor!!


Yup, yup, yup!! StinkyKat camed right up to our pen and even gave Whiskey and Doodles some special StinkyKat perfume. It sure smells nice, but it burns your eyes and when you gets it in your nose, it makes you do this foam at the mouth stuff. Oh, but the smell is truly wonderful. Da dad smelled it when he camed out to bring us our foods this morning and Doodles thinks he still had the foamy stuff in his mouth, cuz the Da dad got the house and rinse my mouths out and my eyes -- that felt better. Then he sprayed Whiskey and Doodles with the water. He had to go to the exoptic animul place today.

When Da momma came home she brought us in the house and at first she thoughts that just me, the Doodles got the special perfume, but then she realized that Whiskey smelled pretty too. So, get this, she makes us this special stuff and puts it all over our faces -- it takes our perfume away!!! Whatz up with that??? She said somefin about we reeked. Doodles doesn't know what that means, but I don't think it's good!

Doodles hope that StinkyKat will come back soon and share some more of his special perfume with us. Next time I'm gonna close my eyes and mouths.

In other news, we have new furreal cats that are hanging out. See, Da momma feeds the furreal cats, but in a place that we can't get to them. They are pretty fragile and when Doodles tries to play with them, they have a habit of dying. So Da momma puts their foods away from us and our pens. But, them furreal cats aren't too smart, they keep coming closer and closer to our pens. Maybe they wants to play?? Da momma is pretty worried about them and has to trap them to take them to Dr. Brenda, cuz she says that the furreal cats are broken like puppies and have to get fixed. They don't look broken to Doodles, they look like they wants to play. Maybe these two new furreal cats aren't so fragile and could play -- I hope so.

Da dad reports as the exoptic animul farm they have a baby roo. AND he's in his momma's pocket. Da dad is gonna take the camera and see if he can get a picture so Doodles can show you. But Da dad said he sticks his head out of the pocket and he's really cute. Da dad said his name is Joey. Doodles thinks that's a nice name for him and Doodles can't wait to see pictures of him!!

Gotta go, time for dinner!!

Doodles Out!!!

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Stoopid Hoomans! A Lesson in Siberians!

Dusty Doodles Reporting!!
My Da momma is really frustrated and so, I decided to help her. Da momma belongs to several email groups about us Siberians and it seems as though lots of peepole are joining these groups who have gotten a wee little Siberian and don't know the first thing about them. Da momma is frustrated becuz she joined these groups long, long before Doodles came here and she has always helped peepoles with their Siberians and other dogs. Now, that does not mean Da momma knows everything, becuz we all know that hoomans are stoopid, but she knows plenty about us Siberians and it takes us lots of thinking to pull something over on her. Seems she's on to all our tricks and ever some we haven't thought of yet!
So, Doodles is going to write the most frustrating things peepoles say that makes my Da momma scream. Doodles doesn't like that high pitched scream. Then Doodles will answer those questions hisself. Since other peepoles don't want to listen to Da momma, maybe they will listen to Doodles!!
My puppy just made a noise, it sounded like a 'wow', is he sick, is this normal?
That is called a woo and most all of us Siberians do that to try to communicate with you stoopid hoomans that can't seem to read tail, ear and lip language. Some Siberians say woo, some aroo, some roo, and some awrrooo. All are correct. It means different things at different times. I've been known to tell a whole woo story for 15 or 20 minutes. When Da momma tries to say woo, she always says the wrong thing and makes me mad, so it's best if you don't try to woo back at your pup.
My puppy is coming home tomorrow, he's 6 weeks old, help!!
You pup is too young to come to your house. He still needs his momma and brothers and sisters. See it's like this, pups need to learn about things like bite inhibition and when to play bitie and what it means when no one will play with you. Dog mommas teach us those things and much more. When a hooman takes us away from our dog mommas at 6 weeks, they are STOOPID!! Leave that pup where he is for at least another 3-4 weeks. Doodles didn't come to our house until he was 11 weeks old. Da momma thought that was the perfect age and I agree. I didn't miss my brothers and sisters, didn't cry all night, and had lots of fun. My signals to go potty were more recognizable to Da momma and the other hoomans and it was much easier to potty train me then it was with any other younger pup.
Help! My little pup has the runs and is vomiting!
Doh! Get off the computer, stoopid hooman and get that pup to the dog doctor. If you need Dr. Brenda's number look it up! Pups who are going out both ends are very sick and could die. Why are you wasting your time with a bunch of other stoopid hoomans?
I researched this breed, but no where did it say it would lose so much fur, there must be something wrong with my dog.
Wooo! You did not research SIBERIAN HUSKIES if you did not know we shed. We shed all year long and then twice a year we attempt to take over the world with our shedding -- that's called blow. See, what happens is we shed all our under furs and our guardy hairs and make big piles, the thought is that when we get enough fluff on the ground, we will all sneeze at once, all the Siberians all over the world, and it will blow up into a white cloud. During that white cloud blow up, the hoomans will be sneezing and rubbing their eyes and then quick, we will put Turbo in the White House (after which it will be called Turbo's House) and Siberian's will take over the world. It hasn't worked thus far becuz the stoopid hoomans got Dysons and cleaners and sucker things to suck up our fluff. BUT, we are working on a plan to grow bionic furs so it will break all those hooman machines. Meeshka has it about perfected now.
That's enough for today -- Da momma is right, these stoopid questions are frustrating!! If you have any questions about Siberians for Doodles, send them and I'll answer more questions next time!
Doodles Out!!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Dumpossum is Deadpossum

Dusty Doodles Reporting!!!

Dumpossum is Deadpossum. NO! Doodles did not kill him. Da momma did!!

Da momma was on her way to workie and she ran over deadpossum with her car thing. Before you get mad, she didn't mean to, she said she ran right in front of her and she couldn't stop in time.

Of course she stopped after and she was dead. She wasn't just playing deadpossum, which Doodles understands they can do. Da momma said she was really dead. The Deadpossum had babies on her back though and Da momma ranned over a couple of them as well. But some were alive, so she called Da dad to bring her a crate. She tells me that her and Da dad gots them into the crate and she took them to a lady who raised deadpossums.

No, she did not take my crate -- she took the cats' crate. My crate is too big for baby deadpossums.

That's all that's new in the country. The cowdogs are still missing, but Doodles hasn't seen them build any puppochino place, so maybe they aren't going to build a city or anything.

What's new in your country?

Doodles Out!!

Sunday, October 07, 2007


Dusty Doodles Reporting!

Have you seen the cowdogs that used to live across the street from me?? They are missing.

They were there on Friday, cuz they comed to the fence and we visited for a while. But, on Saturday afternoon when Doodles went back out to my pen, they were gone!

Not only were they gone, but someone took their water tanks and their pens and even part of their fence!! Doodles doesn't think they just escaped, cuz where would the water tanks be?? The tanks were too big for them to carry them or even drag them.

Doodles asked Da momma if she say what happened to the cowdogs, but she said she didn't. She did see a pickemup truck out there this morning on her way to workie, but there were no cowdogs. Doodles wants the cowdogs back where they belong!

Da momma says she hopes they didn't sell that property and they better not be gonna build houses there either. Doodles thinks that was her way of saying she wants the cowdogs to come home too.

You don't think they would build houses there, do you?? I been thinking about it and I know about 5 years ago, when I was just a little pup, they came and paved the road, so it's not dirt anymore. Doodles thinks they have the paved roads in the cities, right?? About 3 years ago or so, they gave us an actual address, where we don't have an RR on our mail box any more. People in the cities have real addresses, don't they?? Doodles knows that men have been in the road measuring with measuring things. Aren't the cities all measured and stuff??

Oh my doG, they are gonna build a city where the cowdogs lived!! Doodles don't want to live in the city!!! Doodles is a country hooskey!! What will happen to Yip and Mr.Bob and Jack if they build a city?? Please, this is important, write your city peoples and tell them Dusty Doodles doesn't want a city!!!

I'm so upset, it must be time for more cookies!!

Doodles Out!

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Yip and Yippers!

Dusty Doodles Reporting!!!

Doodles has read all of your comments and it seems that many of my friends are not sure exactly what Yip is. Yip is kinda like us dogs, but he is a kyotee. Doodles calls them Yippers because instead of barking or woo-ing like normal pups, they yiiiiiippppp.

Da momma says that Yippers are kinda like wild dogs. They are a member of our sitific family, but more like distant cousins or somefin.

Doodles will tell you what Yip has told me about Yippers.

Yippers don't like hoomans. They are very afraid of hoomans because hoomans set traps for them that catch their legs and then they shoot them with the bang things and they die. So Yippers don't want anything to do with hoomans at all. They don't have a house, not even a dog house, but they do have denz. Denz are places that they sleep and have their pups. The Yippers have to make their own denz. I tried it and dug a big hole under my house, Yip said it was pretty good, but it would have to be way deeper and bigger at the sleepy end for a Yipper to be able to use it.

Yippers also don't have cookies. See, cuz they don't like hoomans, they have no one to give them cookies or their foods for that matter. They have to find their own foods. Yip told me it's hard work to find your own foods, cuz first you have to find it, then sneak up on it and then run after if and kill it, all before you gets to eat it. And it's not cooked. Doodles doesn't mind the not cooked part, sometimes Doodles gets uncooked meats and stuffs, and Doodles doesn't mind running after his foods -- but it sure seems like lots of hard work, just to get your foods. Yip also told me that sometimes he has to go days and days without foods, cuz either he can't find any or the foods are faster then he is and they runs away.

Yip told me he eats mice and rats and Jacks. I couldn't believe that Yips would eat Jacks, cuz Jacks are my friends too. But I guess if you are really hungry a Jack might look pretty good to eat. Yip also eats kittycats that hoomans don't keep in the house. He told me that kittycats make pretty good foods, cuz the little ones aren't very smart or fast and one time he was running after a little kittycat and the kittycat ran right into his denz! He also said sometimes he gets lucky and a cowpup is born and is sick so he doesn't have to run after those. So sometimes he gets those too. But he has to be careful, cuz the momma cowpup will kick at him and stuff. Oh and sometimes he gets chicken too, but he has to take the feathers off himself.

Yip told Doodles that he feels pretty safe coming to my house cuz he has watched us the whole time we have lived here and he knows that Da momma and Da dad don't hurt Yippers or any other animul. Every winter, when it's cold and there aren't too many foods running around for Yip, Da momma will put meats out for him, so he has something to eats. Da momma says it's probably not the smartest thing to do, cuz she doesn't want him to get habituated (whatever that means) to hoomans and hoomans giving them food, but she feels sorry for him. So Da momma will buy extra chickens and stuffs for him in the winter time. I tolds Da momma to leave him some cookies too, cuz Yip said he would like to try them sometime.

So, even though Yippers are kinda like us pups, they are lots different. And their lives are lots harder then ours -- they don't have couches or houses or air conditioning or nothing. They only have what they can find.

Hope that answers some questions.

Doodles Out!!!

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

More Animuls!!!

Dusty Doodles Reporting!!

Doodles appreciates all the comments!! Da momma has been keeping up her end of our deal and giving me a cookie for each comment!! And yes, Holly, commenting twice, earns me two cookies!! So please help keep Doodles in cookies!!

Doodles is thinking that since everyhusky and pup liked the pictures of the xoptic animuls, I would post some more and tell you what I know about them.

They have lots of animuls at the xoptic farm and Da dad says it's a petting place. Doodles thinks he should go there, cuz then I could get lots more pets!!!

Anywoo -- here is the first animul of the night ---
This is a kind of chickenbird, his name Ostris. He is really big. The first picture in last night's post was a picture of his face. Da dad says he doesn't fly but he is still a bird. He is the biggest chickenbird I have ever seen. Look at the size of his leg --- doesn't that look like a yummy meal??

This is another kind of chickenbird. His name is Peecock. Doodles doesn't know who thinks up these names, but they are stupid. Anywoo, this chickenbird has lots of very pretty feathers, but not much meat. What good is that??

This is the tallest dog Doodles has ever seen. Da dad says his name is Yawma. Da dad says he's a pack animul, but Doodles is a pack animul and Yawma doesn't look anything like Doodles. Da momma said when she was there visiting, Yawma and his friends tried to spit on her. Doodles thinks that dogs don't spit, and maybe Yawma was trying to kiss Da momma. Doodles always kisses Da momma.

One last picture of the xoptic animuls tonight and then a very special picture!!

Da dad calls this a pocket pet, but Doodles isn't sure if he is in the Roo's pocket or not. This guy's name is Hegerhog. It sure looks like a porkipine to me, but Doodles has never seen a porkipine in a pocket either. The only things in pockets are COOKIES. Maybe Hegerhog is a cookie?? What do you think??

And now, a very special picture!!

This is a picture of my special Yipper friend!!! He came to visit the other morning and as he was leaving, Da momma got this picture of him!! He visits pretty regularly now and we talk to each other -- Doodles does woo and he does yiiiip and we talk all night sometimes!! He has some neat stories to tell, about chasing Jacks and Bob's and stuff. And one night he told me that Mr. Hoot swooped outta the air and dive bombed him. He was pretty scared he said. He looks little in this picture, but Yip is my size and sometimes he hangs out right outside of my pen. Whiskey doesn't like him too much, but she's getting used to him and I even heard her woo to him once!!

That's all for tonight -- keep the comments coming -- I need more cookies!!

Doodles Out!!

Monday, October 01, 2007


Dusty Doodles Reporting!!

Hey friends, gosh do I have any left?? I'm back!!! It's been a long time since I've posted and much has happened. The reason why I haven't posted is because Blogger is stupid and wouldn't let me in!! They finally decided to be less stupid and here Doodles is!!!

Right after my last post, Da momma went to the dessert to visit Da sister. She was gone a few days and when she came back she just complained about how hot it was in the dessert. She did take pictures though!!

Here is a picture of SadieMae and the Husky that Da momma gave her. SadieMae is trying to become a Husky and needs some help.
Da momma said SadieMae really liked her Husky and carried it around and played with it. Do you think SadieMae will become a real Husky??

This is a picture of Da sister and Timmay. Doodles really likes Timmay and I hopes him and Da sister stay together for a long time. They are going to come and visit at Turkey Day and Doodles already has plans to sit on Da sister's head. Doodles also plans on giving Timmay lots of kisses because he doesn't like doggy kisses!!! woowooowooo

While Da momma was in the dessert she went to visit her new great nephew pup. His name is Caycee. Doodles likes that name and thinks that we should get a new pup of the Woo kind with that name. Da momma says no. Here is a picture of Da momma and the Caycee pup.

When Da momma came home from the dessert, Da dad got a news job. 'Member last year this time, Da dad had his big neuter on his heart and Doodles was very scared. Well, Da dad is all better and got tired of staying home with Doodles, so he gots himself a workie job. Now, don't get all scared, Doodles talked to Da momma about it and she thinks it's good for him. Da dad's workie job is at the animal farm. They have xoptic animals there. Here are some pictures of them.

This is a roo. I've not met him, but Da dad says he's pretty nice. I know he smells nice, cuz I always smells Da dad real good when he comes home. Da dad helps take care of him and says he built hims a dinner table and a shade shelter. One time Meanie Shonee had to eat roobutt, I don't think it was this roobutt, cuz his butt looks in one piece, but it was some roobutt. We wondered what a roo was and what a roobutt looked like, nows we knows.

This is another picture or the roo. He looks kinda cute, don't you think?? Da momma says he has a special pocket that he carries his babies in. Doodles doesn't believe it.

Doodles will post more pictures of the animals at Da dad's xoptic animal farm where he does the workie job, but right now it's time for my dinner.

Doodles Out!!

Monday, July 23, 2007

I've Been Tagged!!

Dusty Doodles Reporting!!

My friend Holly tagged me to list my favorite books. Well, Doodles has a hard time reading, because I can't turn the pages real well. I've tried, but it just doesn't work and Doodles ends up ripping the pages out of the books. BUT! Da momma reads to me. She has always read to me during storms when they have the thunder stuff and during hunting season when there are big booms going on. She's done this since I was a little pup. I don't need her to read to me any more during those scary things, but I still like it!! So when I see her with a book, Doodles will curl up next to her and woo her until she reads to me!

These books are the ones that I like her to read to me:

Beyond Words; Talking with Animal and Nature, by Marta Williams. Marta is a good friend who has talked to me before and in this book, she teaches other hoomans how to talk to their animuls. Marta is what the hoomans call a animul communicator. She recently helped find a lady's husky on Sibernet. Marta has helped find many lost dogs and helped many hoomans know what their animuls are feeling. Doodles thinks Da momma should just memorize this book and then she would know when I wanted a cookie, instead of me having to tell her and show her and think that she's a retard.

Twelve Dogs of Christmas by Emma Kragen is a fun book that Da momma always reads me at Christmas time. We have the music from it too and Doodles always woo's with the 7 howling Huskies! You really need to get this book and either read it, if you can turn the pages, or make your hooman read it too you!

All Creatures Great and Small by James Herriot is one of Doodles' all time favorites! It's about a country vet, like my Dr. Brenda and his favorite patients. Some of the patients are dogs, but he treats all kinds of animals! He seems like he is a very good doctor and Doodles been thinking that maybe Dr. Brenda learned from him.

Dogs Never Lie About Love by Jeffery Moussaieff Masson. What can Doodles say. Dogs NEVER lie about love!! That's the truth!! But Da momma says in some of the book, Jeffrey is all wet, but she still likes it and it used to be required reading for her adoptive parents when she was doing rescue. It does make a person stop and think. I like it.

And finally -----

Siberian Huskies for Dummies by Diane Morgan. Doodles just loves this book!! Da momma reads it all the time and then Doodles does things opposite of the book, just to keep her guessing!! This was another book that Da momma made people get before they took one of her foster dogs. It's a great book and Doodles knows that if more Siberian Huskies read this, we could over throw the world quicker, because we could just do things different then in the book and our hoomans wouldn't know what to make of it.

There you have it, Dusty Doodles' 5 favorite books! I tag Sadie Mae, Butters, Maverick, and The Little Dashies.

Doodles Out!!

Sunday, July 22, 2007

The Fight of the Honey Bee

Dusty Doodles Reporting!!!

Doodles had a battle this week. It was with a honey bee. This is what happened.

Doodles was in the back pen, just minding my own business, eating the olives that had fallen from the trees. Then Doodles saw it!! It was a honey bee that landed on one of my olives!! Bad honey bee, those are my olives!!

So, Doodles picked up the honey bee with my mouth, real easy like and pittooied him out, away from my olives. He seemed to be pretty shocked, because he just stayed there for a minute. But then all of a sudden he decided he was going to get on my olive again. So again, I picked him up with my mouth, really easy like and pittooied him out away from my olives. Well then he decided he wanted to fight for the olive and started buzzing my face. So I caughts him in my mouth and he was buzzing around in there. I decided to teach him a lesson and was just going to let him buzz in my mouth and not let him out for a bit. When all of a sudden he did it!!! He stung my tongue!! OUCH!!! That hurt!!! So Doodles got the last bite, I chomped him up and swallowed him.

Doodles came running in the house, I was pawing at my face and sticking my tongue out real long. Da momma was at workie, so it was up to Da dad to fix me up. Da dad asked what was wrong. Hello, my tongue is swelling and it about touching the floor!! So Da dad gets his glasses and looks at my tongue and finds the stinger part in there. He pulls it out and gets me some ice to chew on. While Doodles is chewing his ice, Da dad calls Da momma and I think she told him to give me medicine, because next thing I know, Da dad is poking pills down my throat. I gots more ice too and even an OTTER POP!!!

The medicine made me a little sleepy, so Doodles had to take a nap.

That's it.

Doodles Out!!

Sunday, July 15, 2007

All About ME!!

Dusty Doodles Reporting!!

I am redoing things around here. I have added a page all about me. It's called 101 Things About ME!!! you can find it HERE. I have also listed in on my side bar.

Doodles thinks he compromised with Da momma. I want a, but Da momma says she has to spend her dollars on Doodles cookies. So, because I want my cookies (and to sponsor Meeshka in the blogathon) I decided maybe I could just spruce things up around here. If you get a chance check out the page about ME! and leave me a message about what you thinks.

Doodles is also coming up with an AWARD. Come back and check on that -- cuz I'm designing the graphic, but I need Da sister to do the codie thing for it and she's on vacation (Sadie Mae is in the doggy hotel). So once Da sister comes back and does the codie for the graphic (so Doodles can share it), then Doodles with be giving awards!! It will be for good reporting, cuz you knows Doodles loves to report on stuff.

Gotta go, it's cookie time!

Doodles Out!!!

Saturday, July 14, 2007

New Award!

Dusty Doodles Reporting!!!

Hey, my friend Indy gave me this nifty award!!! WOOOWOOOO Thanks Indy!!! Inday says Doodles has to give it to some friends too, so I give it to Sadie Mae, The doglets (Roxie, Sammy and Andy) and to Tucker!!! All you have to do is copy and paste this:

Make sure you give it to your friends as well!! Doodles puts one on his side bar, where he keeps all his awards!!

I hears that Meeshka is feeling better, except the gimpy's are bothering her. Doodles is so glad she got over her youteei and is feeling better. I can't wait until the blogathon. I knows we are going to have lots of fun!! AND Doodles gets Meeshka fluff!!!

In other news, Da momma is thinking about letting me have my very own website named after me. She says I would have to share it with her and let her put stuff up there, but Doodles could do his blog thing there and he could make all the doggy pages and stuff. She's still thinking about it. Doodles thinks she should just do it, whys do hoomans have to think so much?? That's what gets thems into troubles and they don't even have a crate to go it!!

It's hot here, so Doodles has to go cool his paws now.

Doodles Out!!!

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Doodles is Sad!

Dusty Doodles Reporting!
I have it on good word that our HULA leader and my heart-throbe, Meeshka is sick. Da momma was telling me that she has something called a youteei. Her hoomans took her to Dr. Brenda and she's on medicine. Doodles hopes Meeshka feels better soon. I'll be checking her blog for updates. Doodles knows when she feels better she will tell us all about it.
If you are out and about, please check on Meeshka and to make her feel better, you might wanna sponsor her in the Blogathon. Meeshka is doing this Blogathon for Harness to Hope Rescue. HTH rescue helps save us Huskies and other potential HULA members and put them in homes where they can rule. This helps all dogs and doglets, because you know, one day Huskies WILL rule the world. When Huskies rule the world we will outlaw such things as Thunder and Fireworks and stuff like that. Meeshka has even talked about banning cars, because they hurt us. I know Meeshka would feel better way quicker if she knew that she was still the top money raiser of the blogathon -- so go now and sponsor her. You don't even need to steal your hooman's plastic card yet -- after the blogathon, they will send you an email and THEN you can steal the plastic card!! PLUS during the blogathon, Meeshka is going to have contests for sponsors and you could win something -- maybe even MEESHKA FLUFF. If you win something, please send MEESHKA FLUFF to me, so Doodles can have Meeshka next to him.
Doodles is sad because Meeshka is sick. Feel better Meeshka. Woos are coming your way!!
Doodles Out!!!

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

The Great Doodles Hunter

Dusty Doodles Reporting!!

Da momma is giving us new cookies now! See, with all the dog food recalls and stuff, she got scared to feed us those cookies she buys at the dog store. She was making us cookies and those are pretty good, but it's too hot now for her to start the food safe (she calls it an oven). So, she starting looking around for something that we could have for cookies. She tried greenie beans and those are okay, but who wants to work for greenie beans?? One day she came home with a big bag of these. She calls them animul cookies, which is okay, cuz Doodles thinks that Huskies are animuls. Da momma has to be careful with what she gives us cuz Meanie Shonee has allergies to stuff and she won't bring things into the house that Meanie Shonee could get and get sick on. Doodles guesses she checked these out and they won't hurt Meanie Shonee.

Now when we gets our cookies Da momma tells us what wes are eating. She'll say "Doodles, eat a whino" or "Doodles have a wabbit". It makes Doodles feel like he's a big Husky Hunter!! I gets to eat all kinds of things!! Funny though, they just taste like crackers. Must be like one of those hooman things where they say things taste like chicken!

Today is the big bang day for hoomans. I think it's stooopid. Doodles is not afraid of big bangs or the lights, but Whiskey is. We don't have big bangs out here too often, unless someone is hunting jacks or something. See we live way out in the country, with just cowdogs and their cowpups as neighbors. Oh yeah, there are some other hoomans too, but not too many. We also live in wildfire land, so most hoomans aren't stoopid enough to light those bang things out here cuz it would start a fire and Doodles doesn't like fires. When Da momma hears anyone lighting off those bang things, she calls the firehoomans and poolicehoomans and they come and take the peoples to jail. It's serious stuff out here in wildland fire zone. Doodles hopes no one tries it tonight, everything out here, except for my yard, is brown and Da momma says would go up like a match -- whatever that is.

Everyhusky, doglet and others, please be careful tonight. DO NOT run away from the noise. Da momma says that the 4 days after big bang day is the busiest in doggy jail because of run away dogs and doglets. Don't let it be you! Stay in your yards and in your houses, Doodles knows you might be scared, but it will be over soon and when Huskies rule the world we will outlaw big bang things.

Doodles Out!

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

CowPup Visit

Dusty Doodles Reporting!!!

We had a cowpup come to visit!! This is what happened --

Whiskey and Doodles were in their pen waiting for their breakfasts, when all of a sudden a cowpup appear in front of our pen!! It was like magic!! I guess we wasn't watching or nothing, being we were waiting for our foods. I gots to get a good sniff of cowpup and talk to him and everything!! Whiskey just screamed at him!! Cowpup said that one of the other cowdogs broke the fence in their pen and cowpup decided to take a walk-about. Well he has been watching us from the field where he lives (across the street from us) and he wondered what we weres. Cowpup sure does talk funny, but I am learning his language. Anyways, when Cowpup went on his walk-about, he noticed that our Da momma left the gate open to our property when she went to workie, so he just came right in to meet us!! Da dad was pretty shocked when he brought out our breakfast foods! Da dad gave us our foods and then took Cowpup back to his pen. He sure is a handsome Cowpup, don't you think???? I hope Cowpup breaks outta his pen again really soon so we can visit more!

This is a ringtail. 'Member, Doodles said in my last post, how one came to visit us, but he wasn't very friendly?? Well someone left a comment and asked me to post a picture of one. This is not the one that came to visit, but looks just like him. I found this picture on the interweb. I hope I don'ts get in trouble for posting it here. But what are they gonna do?? Send me to my crate??? They are pretty cute, huh??? I haven't seen him in a while.

More later!

Doodles Out!!!!

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Long Overdue Report

Dusty Doodles Reporting!

Hey everyhusky, (and dog) I'm back!! It's been a long time, prolly too long, but there has been a lot of stuff happening in my neighborhood!

First off, they stopped shooting Jacks! I think Da dad went and talked to the human who was doing it and told him that if he didn't stop, we were gonna call our Warden friend. Warden Dale is a good friend and he helps protects all the animuls in the woods and country. Sometimes he comes to visit us and he plays frog with us!! So, for now, the Jacks are safe!!

The news with my furry family --

Everydog except Tundra has had their yearly Dr. Brenda visit. Tundra goes in the fall, so he's not due yet. All of our shots gots updated, we had all our tests and we all passed. I'm sure the other dogs here got cookies, cuz Dr. Brenda always gives good cookies and kisses when she's done giving us our examination. Whiskey is a pain in the huskybutt. She has decided that Da momma is HER Da momma and insists on hogging her. Da momma makes sure I get extra attention and loves and makes Whiskey go sit down. Yup, Whiskey finally learned to sit when she's told. Took a long time and I had to coach her some, but she does it now pretty good. Of course she still doesn't have the sit down, woo and look all sad thing going on, but she is a husky, so I'm sure in time she will get that too. Today, Meanie Shonee had to have a bath. Doodles didn't get to watch, but I did get to see her all wet and looking like a drowned rat. I laughed at her and she screamed at me!! Woowooowoo!!

In the neighborhood ---

We haves a rat under our chicken house. She Da momma has a tirement home for laying chickens here. Right now we only have 2 of them chickens, but Doodles has never seen them lay down, so I don't understand why they are called laying chickens. Anyway, Da momma says that when the chickens stop making eggs, people will kill them or turn them loose or stuff and she feels bad for them. She's such a softy. So anyways, she tells peoples they can bring their chickens here, no roosters allowed, and she will feed them and care for them until they die. That's called tirement. The chickens live in a pen with their very own house. The house has a door on it and at night Da momma locks them in their house so the yippers can't have a chicken buffet. The chicken pen is right outside our back pen, so Whiskey and Doodles gets to watch the chickens. We can't make a chicken buffet because there are 2 fences between us and them, but we gets to watch them. One day we were out there screaming at the chickens and Da momma came outside to tell us QUIET and she spotted the rat. Boy can Da momma scream loud!!! We was trying to tell her that we weren't screaming at the chickens, but were screaming at the rat, but she wouldn't listen to us. So Da momma and Da dad have been trying to get the rat to leave under the chicken house. I guess he's under there and they he comes out and steals the chickens' foods and Da momma doesn't like that, plus she just doesn't like anything that doesn't have fur on their tails. Da hoomans don't want to use poison, because that might hurt us or the chickens, so they have been flooding out Mr. Rat's home, under the chicken house and trying to trap him when he runs out of there. So far, they've caught the lady rat and a couple of babies, but not Mr. Rat. Da momma is getting mad, and she screams everytime she happens to see him. If you know of any way to get Mr. Rat to leave the tirement home for the chickens, please let me know.

The cowdogs had a couple of pups. They sure are cute and Doodles will try to get pictures of them really soon for you. One pup is black and white and one is all white cept for some brown on his face.

Jack has been around, but he is busy raising his family. He tolds me he had a bunch of babies, but I haven't seen them yet. Da momma says they should be out running around any time now.

Oh! We also have spotted a ringtail. They kinda look like Banditcoons, but they are different. We've seen this one a few times and my friend Omani and Doodles always screams at him. They only come out very late at night and one time Da momma saws him too, but she wasn't quick enough with the camera to get a picture of him. I've not had a chance to talk to him yet, as he's not very friendly and he runs pretty fast, but I'm sure he'll come around again.

On the Hooman front --

Da momma has finally stopped working all the time and now she's back to working her regular days. She had to work every day to get my rice planted. See she works where they grow my rice and they had to get it planted, so Doodles would have his rice in his chicken soup. No, my chicken soup is not from the tirement home, Da momma brings home pecial chickens for my chickens soup.

Da dad has been doing the cooking and he makes the bestest soup. He puts green beanies and carrots and stuff in there and it's really good. But he has given me a couple of baths, trying to make my fur come out -- it's not working -- I've decided I'm keeping my furs this year and not going to blow my coat.

Da sister and Sadie Mae are moving. No, not to back here, but to a new house where SadieMae will have more room to play and stuff. And Doodles hears they may get another dog for SadieMae to play with.

My Unkle Lee is very sick and in the hospital. Da momma and Da dad have been going to see him and it takes all day, so Doodles knows he's not at Dr. Brenda's hospital, cuz that's just a few minutes away. But my Unkle Lee is pretty sick and Doodles has been told he might go to the Bridge. If you could, please say a prayer for him and my Aunt Carol too. See, Unkle Lee has kanser and he was on key-mo which made him pretty sick. Then the vets did a neuter on the kanser and took it out. Well, then he got even sicker and had to go back to have something else neutered that got broken during the first neuter. So now he is at Iseeyou and on a breathing machine and I heard Da dad tell someone on the phone that he prolly wasn't going to make it. I'm pretty sure that means he might be going to the Bridge. Doodles doesn't want Unkle Lee to go to the Bridge because I loves him. He comes and visits me and plays wrestle with me and I gets to jump on him and play bitey and stuff. Doodles is always gentle with Aunt Carol because she doesn't like that rough play stuff, but she always brings me cookies when she comes to visit with Unkle Lee and I like her too. So please, if you think about it, say a prayer for Unkle Lee.

Well, I think that's about it for now. Doodles is really gonna try and update more frequently, cuz these long updates make my toes hurt with all this typing and Doodles doesn't want to get toe tunnel or something!

Doodles Out!!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Oh My doG, They're Shooting Jacks!!

Dusty Doodles reporting!

Oh my doG, the neighbors are out there in the fields, shooting at Jacks!!! Oh my doG, what is Doodles going to do?? Jacks are my friends and no one should be shooting them!!!

Doodles has been hearing gun shots all day and although I hears them alot, cuz we live next to where they train those gundog dogs, I never thought they were shooting anything but those play gun things. They make loud noises, but they don't have bullet things, so it doesn't hurt anything. Today, Da dad tolds me that they are shooting JACKS!!!

This has gots to STOP!!! Who can help?? What can I do??? Oh, Doodles is just sick about this!! What happens if they shoots my friend, Jack???

If I sees who is doing this, Doodles might have to do something serious!!

Better go out and watch for my friend Jack. Keep your paws crossed that he's okay!!

Doodles Out!!!

Sunday, April 15, 2007

It's Me, Doodles!

Dusty Doodles Reporting!!

Sorry Doodles has been invisible, you know that diet and stuff is still happening and I thought surely I would shrink to nothing, but it didn't happen. Instead, Da momma is making my cookies now, she says they are low calorie, but I don't believe her, I think they are regular calorie cuz they taste so good.

Here is a picture of me:

As you can see, I'm not invisible. In this picture, Doodles is in his pen. I was watching Jack, who was frolicking in the field next to my pen.

Here is Jack:

This picture isn't great, cuz Da Momma took it. You know humans just don't have a good sense for these things.

Here is Doodles talking to Jack.
Jack and Doodles talked for a long time. He told me stuff, like the hawks sometimes eat the Jacks. Jack is my friend, I couldn't imagine eating Jack. Poor Jack. Doodles has seen those hawks pluck other birdies outta of the sky and all. They sure look mean. I don't wanna meet a hawk. I don't think I would like him much.

In other news, Da Sister was here for a visit with Sadie Mae. I don't like Sadie Mae anymore cuz she tried to bite Doodles AND she tried to eat all my cookies. So Sadie Mae is bad, she may be my cousin, but it doesn't mean I hafta like her and all.

Whiskey is a brat, but you all knew that right?? She steals all the toys and then won't let me pla with them, so I pile drive her. Last time I drove her head right into the ground. You think she would learn, but nope, she gets right back up and tries to do that to Doodles, but Doodles is bigger, so she can't. WOOWOO!!

Da momma has been pretty worried about Meanie Shonee. Doodles knows that Meanie Shonee is mean and all, and she's old, but I don't like it when Da momma is worried, so I hope Meanie Shonee's allergies get under control soon, so Da momma won't be worried about her and won't be feeding her special stuff and things. Here is a picture of Meanie Shonee.

Da momma says she's gonna start cookingo for Shonee and making all her dinners and stuff, to see if that helps with her allergies. If it does, she says she might cook for all of us, that would be good, cuz Da momma is a good cook!!
Today is Da sister's birfday, Happy Birfday Da sister!! WOOWOOWOOO
That's all for today, time to go get more cookies!!
Doodles Out!!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The Incredible Shrinking Doodles!

Dusty Doodles Reporting!

Diets suck. Diets are stoopid. Doodles doesn't like diets. Do you know that I hardly get any foods and only green beanies for desert?? Once a day those stoopid hoomans give me A cookie. That's right, ONE cookie. That is stoopid. I have been eating more olives then ever trying to get my tummy filled up. Da momma thinks they might not be on my diet and so before she finds out, my goal is to eat them all up. I have 2 olive trees in my pen -- that's a lot of olives!!

Doodles has tried reasoning with the hoomans, but they don't understand huskytalk. I woo and they woo back, but their woo's are stoopid stuff. I'll say something like, "Doodles has been really good, how about a cookie please" and when they woo back, they say "The sun is dark tonight". It just really makes no sense and I am sick of it. Doodles is thinking I will run away to some other husky's house, some place they have cookies and bones and good stuffs.

Now SadieMae, my cousin, is threatening to come and visit and eat all my cookies!! That is totally not fair and Doodles doesn't like it. Whiskey makes fun of me and makes my fluffies jiggle and then she laughs as me.

Meanwhile, Da momma says she thinks I am less jiggly tonight and Doodles say that he is shrinking and shrinking and pretty soon, if he doesn't get some cookies or more foods, he is just gonna up and shrink away and be gone.

I think I'm going to Kansas. I hear good things about Kansas and I bet they have lots of cookies there.

Doodles Out!

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Dr. Brenda

Dusty Doodles Reporting!

So, Doodles had to go to Dr. Brenda for my checkup and my shots. We had to take Whiskey, cuz she's a wussy dog and can't stay by herself yet. That was okay, cuz she didn't get to see Dr. Brenda, she had to sit in the waiting room.

So we gets there, oh Da momma made Da dad put the cold air thing on in the car so Doodles wouldn't get to hot. But any ways, we gets there and it was very sad. There was another dog there that Dr. Brenda was sending to The Bridge, so Doodles had to wait a very long time for his hoomans to say good bye to him.

Finally Linda, my favorite nursie, told Da momma to get me on the scale. That was no fun. See, I knew I had gained a couple of fluffies since my last visit, cuz you know, I have to help Whiskey eat her cookies and Doodles has to have his Otter Pops and stuff. Well, Da momma nearly fell over and told Nursie Linda to check the scale and re-weigh me. I don't know what it said, but it was a lot of fluffies.

Then a new girl came over to steal my blood right there in the waiting room. Remember the other dog was going to The Bridge in the examination room, so I couldn't go in there. This new girl stuck my leg 3 times. YES THREE TIMES and no blood would come out. I woo'd and told them that I gave at the office, but they didn't believe Doodles. So then, Da momma says ENOUGH -- and told them to get the clippers. See with my winter fluffies the new girl couldn't find my bloods. I think she was stoopid. Anyway Nursie Linda agreed with Da momma and made the new girl get the clippers. THEN THEY STOLE MY FURS!!! A whole big patch of my furs!! But then the new girl was able to steal my bloods. They needed it for my bloods tests. I heards them tell Da momma that they was normals.

Finally, after like forever, Dr. Brenda comes out -- she sent the other dog to The Bridge -- and told Da Momma that she could bring me back to the Treatment room for my exam. Dr. Brenda checked me out real good and I kissed her and then woo'd in her ear. I was telling her a secret. She can't tell you because of doctor patient confidentiality. But, get this, she told Da momma's that I had the JIGGLES!!!! See I have so much fur that she couldn't feel the extra fluffies on me, but she JIGGLED me and Doodles JIGGLED really bad. Da momma was all upset and said that word. You know that word -- 'obese'. Dr. Brenda said Doodles wasn't 'obese', but I was 'chunky'. I liked that word. UNTIL she said the next word which was DIET!!! Da momma agreed with her and said she would put Doodles on a DIET!!! And then Da momma told me no more cookies and no more Otter Pops. YES, you read that right -- NO cookies and NO Otter Pops for Doodles. Dr. Brenda said Doodles has to lose 10 lbs. Now, Doodles doesn't know how much fluffies 10 lbs equates to -- but it sounds horrible!! AND NO COOKIES!!!

Da momma talked to Dr. Brenda for a while longer, but I don't remember what they said cuz I was in SHOCK!!! NO COOKIES!!!! NO OTTER POPS!!!!

As we were leaving Dr. Brenda and then Nursie Linda both gave me a cookie and that was good. But Da momma told me to enjoy them cuz there'd be no more for a long time! NO COOKIES!!!!

When we gots home it was time for dinner and Da dad didn't give me all my foods. He said it was cuz of the diet. Doodles doesn't like this diet thing and I want it to go away. NO COOKIES!!! AND I don't get all my foods. How fair is that???

It's been a couple of days now and I'm still not getting all my foods and I haven't had not even one cookie. Da momma felt sorry for me and gave me some greenie beanies though and I like those -- but not as well as cookies.

That's it for now.

Doodles Out!!

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Doodles is Sad and Mad

Dusty Doodles reporting!

I am so sorry I have not updated my blog before now, but Doodles has been busy and sad and mad and I didn't realize it had been so long. So Everyhusky, Everydog and FuFu, please forgive Doodles and he will try to be better and post a report every week.

So, where does Doodles begin?? Well, we gots rain and more rains, finally the rains came. Doodles was just making my muddy holes really good, when Da dad came with MORE straw! Now, those hoomans already brought the straw in for the winter and Doodles had it all distributed just right, so I had dry spots and muddy holes. Those stoopid hoomans thought Doodles and Whiskey looked too muddy and brought in more straw. Let me ask you Everyhusky, can you ever look too muddy?? See Doodles didn't think so either, so it made Doodles very mad. No kisses for Da dad or Da mom.

Then, the rain stopped. And now Doodles has all this straw and no rain to soften it up and make it eatible. Hoomans are so stoopid. Da momma says it's gonna rain in a few days, but Doodles isn't so sure.

Then, get this -- this made Doodles so sad. Da momma and Da dad got these big hooman men to come and they stole our comfy couch that wrapped around the whole room. Our couch was very comfy and it would fit all of us on it, plus the hoomans too. It's gone. They stoled it and put it in a big truck and took it away. Doodles watched them do it. No more big, comfy, wrap around the whole room couch. Those same big men guys brought into our house this little dinky couch thing and these cliner chair, as Da dad calls it. This couch is pretty comfy, but not at comfy as our old one and if Whiskey and Doodle both lays on it, there is no room for Da momma. Now what fun is that?? I need Da momma for my pillow and to give belly rubs when I turn upside down. There's no room for her if Whiskey in lounging too?? AND they are being real protective of the new couch. They have it covered in blankies, which is nice, but still, Doodles would like to sniff the real thing and not our old blankets. AND Doodles has been having to sleep in his crate, cuz Da dad says he can't trust me after they found the bite that Whiskey took out of their bed sheet things. Yup, you read that right, Whiskey took a bite out of the flannel, softie sheet things on the big bed and Doodles gets blamed for it!!! So now Doodles has to sleep in the crate instead of on the couch. What's wrong with that picture?? Sure, Whiskey has always slept in her crate since she first came her, but she's a dumb girl and girls don't know how to act right. But Doodles hasn't had to sleep in his crate, except for when Da dad was sick, since he was a puppy. Doodles is a big dog now, not a puppy and this isn't right. I think I might have to employ Meeshka and her legal stuff to do a number on my humans. I swear, I didn't take a bite out of those sheetie things and Doodles needs to sleep on the couch, even if it's not the comfy wrap around couch.

Doodles is so mad and then sad too, cuz we lost that good couch and those big guys stoled it and now all we's got is the dinky couch that I can't sleep on.

Well that's all I gots for today, I promise to update more often and let you know about my friends.

Doodles out!

Friday, February 02, 2007

Queen Meeshka Day!

Dusty Doodles reporting!!

It's turning summer here already and we haven't even had mud season yet! The talking box says it's gonna be almost 80 on Sunday! Doodles need rain, so I can have mud!! If you have rain, please send it to Doodles -- ok??

I have a great idea! For all of us in Hula-hoop. We need to have a Queen Meeshka day where we honor her supreme Fluffiness and do the claw to our humans. Doodles says it should be on February 14, because that's the heart day on the human calendars and all of us Hula-hoopers are totally in heart with Queen Meeshka. Plus, I think it will brighten her day because you know she's like getting ignored and stuff due to the Spineless Sammy recovery. So everyone in favor of it, drop me a line and then we will make sure on Heart Day -- February 14th, we will do our best to look our complete fluffiest, claw our humans and try to sleep on their heads! Doodles will also send Meeshka a special heart day message on that day to let her know what her faithful Hula-hoopers are doing for her!

Whatcha all say???

Meeshka, if you read this -- yes, I stoled a picture from your blog -- forgive me okay????

Doodles Out!

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Mr. Bob and Blogger is Stupid!

DustyDoodles reporting!!

First of all, Blogger is stupid. I had this wonderful post and it didn't upload it and instead ate it -- how stupid is that??? Doodles is beginning to hate blogger.

Now, Doodles wants to say a BIG ThankWOOO to Althea for sending me the codie stuff to center my HuskyBlogs codie thing. It looks so pretty now!!! THANKWOOO Althea!! Da sister is being really mean and not helping me with this codie stuff, so next time she visits Doodles is going to do the bitey thing really hard to her and teach her a lesson! When Doodles needs Da sister, Doodles NEEDS Da sister!! Althea, you saved the day!!!

This is Mr. Bob. He came to visit. See this is what happened...Da momma was on the porch with meanie Shonee and Tundra and all of a sudden Mr. Bob came out of the bushes and started walking down our perimeter fence (on the outside). Meanie Shonee ran into the yard and got a smell of Mr. Bob and ran to get Tundra. Tundra ran halfway across their pen and he got a whiff of Mr. Bob and Tundra ran up to the porch and barked for my friend, Omani to come out. My friend, Omani was sleeping in the house. My friend, Omani came running out and ran to the fence closest to where Mr. Bob was. Omani barked a "Identify yourself". Mr. Bob turned around and chuffed "I'm Bob CAT to you stupidhead". My friend, Omani got really mad and charged the fence, cuz he heard CAT and Mr. Bob called him a stupidhead. Mr. Bob just sauntered down the fence line, jumped the fence, crossed the street and disappeared into the pasture. Doodles and Whiskey watched from the far side of our pen, cuz I have never seen a CAT that was a big as Mr. Bob. In fact, I don't think Mr. Bob is a cat at all! Mr. Bob wasn't nice like the Yippers, or the Cowdogs or even Stinkycats. Mr. Bob was really grumpy and mean and Doodles didn't want to play with him or nothings. I hope if Mr. Bob comes back, he changes his attitude or somethings. Doodles is, however, very proud of Omani and he is the bravest of his whole pack. Doodles thinks my friend, Omani, should get a medal or something for being so brave.

The icy is all gone now. Wooooo! It's not too warm out, the talking box said 30's at night and 40's during the day. Just the right daytime temperature for a afternoon nap under the tree! I miss the icy though and I had gotten really good at breaking up the icy in my water bucket. See if you run in to it full blast if makes it crack and then if you jump on it, the waters break through! It was fun!! Oh well, maybe the icy will come back soon.

Da dad is almost back to normal. Da momma says Doodles still can't jump on him, but he played chase with Doodles and Whiskey and he even played wrestle with us! Doodles is so glad to have Da dad back to normal -- well expect for the jumping on him part.

Well better end this, Whiskey is driving me nuts and Doodles needs to go make her run now!

Doodles Out!!

Monday, January 15, 2007


Dusty Doodles Reporting!!!

I did IT!!! I got my codie things up there -- the Husky Blog ring isn't centered, and I don't know how to do that -- but it's there!!!

Don't tell anydog but I stole some of it from stupid Da sister's page and Sadie Mae's page!!


DoInG tHe HaPpY hUsKy DaNcE!!!!


Doodles Out!!!

Blogger and Da Sister are Stupid

Dusty Doodles reporting!

It's still icy here! I still love it!! Not many of my wild friends have been visiting, I'm sure because it's too cold for them and they are prolly in their dens or something.

Blogger is stupid. Doodles cannot figure out how to load up my Meeshka label or Dogs with Blogs or anything like that and make it into a clickable link. It's stupid. I asked Da momma to help me, but she looked at me like I was sick or something. I emailed Da sister and she hasn't even emailed me back. Da momma says something about her being to busy to help Doodles. She's stupid too.

If anyone can help, please email me. I just don't know what to do!!!!!!

Doodles Out!

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Happy New Year! And All That Stuff!!

Dusty Doodles Reporting!!

Soory it's been so long everydog, everyhusky and others! This post will prolly be really long, so Doodles can catch yous up on stuff.

Santa Paws Day -- Santa Paws did it again!! Doodles just doesn't know how he operates! I waited outside ALL night long and I never saw him and yet, when I comed in the house, there was my PRESENTS!!! Doodles and Whiskey gots lots of PRESENTS!!. We gots all kinds of COOKIES, stuffed toys, squeeky toys and even BONES!!! Santa Paws brought Doodles a stuffie snake, almost like the snake that I battled last summer. I been trying to kill it!

Da sister was here for Santa Paws Day and she brought Sadie. Sadie and Doodles woo'd and barked, but we couldn't play cuz, of Da dad.

Da dad -- Da dad is almost all better now. He makes our foods and brings it to us and he has even play wrestled with me a time or two. Doodles is still being careful of his chest, cuz he says it still hurts him some. It's so nice to have Da dad back to almost normal.

Da momma -- Da momma is doing that workie thing 6 days a week. She says that Da dad's operation cost lots of dollars and that she has to work extra to pay for it. Doodles says she needs to use my special plastic card that she uses when Doodles goes to the Doctor. Da momma says that's only for us dogs for 'mergencies. Doodles misses Da momma when she's gone so much, so I been giving lots of kisses and stuff.

Hey everydog and everyhusky! We gots ICE and lots of ICE. See it don't snow here in California, and it rarely gets really, really cold. But for the past week, it's been down right frosty!!! Doodles LOVES it!! Da momma is letting Whiskey and Doodles stay outside at nights, because she says that the old dogs (that meanie Shonee, Tundra and my friend Omani) have to stay in out of the cold because they are so old and stuff. That's ok, Doodles would rather be outside in the ICE then in the hot, stuffy house!! I don't even use my outside house -- although Whiskey does -- she's such a wimp. Doodles has been sleeping just right out next to the water bucket! It has been so cold and ICY that Da momma has to break up our waters in the morning and then a couple of other times during the day. I heard her tell Da sister on the phone that there was almost 2 inches of ice in our buckets! I don't know much about that snow stuff, but if it's anything like this ice -- I want it!!! This morning Da momma brought our breakfasts out to us and she took her gloves off to feel my tummy to make sure I wasn't too cold or anything. I grrrrrrrd at her -- her hands were really cold on my warm tummy!! She checked my ears too and then Whiskey. But Whiskey didn't grrrrrr at her or anything. We gots to come in the house right after breakfast though and we'll be in all day!!!

Doodles finally did it...I updated to the new blogger! What that means is all the great codie stuff Da sister did for me is gone. All my links are gone. Doodles is sad about that, but I like the new layout and I thought it was appropriate for a new year and all! I'm gonna write to Da sister and have her re-do my codie. Da momma says she doesn't have school tomorrow, so I'ms thinking that she could do it today or tomorrow. And I don't remember who is linked to me and who I used to be linked to -- so if you are linked to me, let me know and I'll put you up on my links. If you want me to link to you, let me know that too!!

Meanwhile, you gets not much in links and pretty codie stuff. I'll work on it.

Well, better so bribe a cookie off of Da momma -- see she's feeling guilty about Doodles and Whiskey sleeping outside every night during this ICEY weather AND she feels guilty for all the workie thing -- so Doodles has to capitalize on that, cuz it means more COOKIES!!!

Doodles Out!