Sunday, August 27, 2006

Long Overdue Post

Dusty Doodles reporting here!

Sorry it's been all week since my last post. Doodles has been spending time making that arfritis go away from Da momma's hip and I think my efforts have paid off. Da momma hasn't exactly played with Doodles or Whiskey yet, but she says that she feels better. So Doodles is thinking maybe today she will play a good game of chase with us.

Doodles hasn't heard from Da sister's kiddles yet and I sure hope Meeshka doesn't ban them fore they can write me back. Da sister says not to worry and to be patient. Doodles doesn't like to be patient.

Doodles bets everyhusky and everydog is wondering why there is a picture of a snake on my blog. Well, Doodles will tell you!!

The other day Da momma was at work and then Da dad left. They were gone a long time and were even late with dinner. Da momma later told Doodles that she had to go back to the doctors and Da dad met her there. Anyway, whiles Whiskey and I were waiting for them to get home a huge snake slithered into our yard. Whiskey was terrified of him and ran to the top of our playcenter. Doodles joined her there to try to make her calm down and do something about that big old snake. He was longer then Doodles and ugly and fat as my leg. Whiskey refused to come down off of the playcenter -- she's such a wimp. And the snake meanwhiles was getting into our pool!! Whiskey was shrieking and Doodles was sure she was gonna shriek herself into bringing the policepeopols or something. Doodles would have been embarrassed to have the policepeepols come and find us both on the top of our playcenter yelling our husky heads off.

So, Doodles decided I had to get that snake outta our pen. The other dogs, Shonee and Tundra were laughing at me -- but my friend Omani, he was giving me encouragement and telling me hows to proceed. So Doodles wents up to the snake and I asked him nicely to leave. Doodles even gave him a little nudge....just like my friend, Omani said to. That snake had the nerve to wrap his slimmy body around my leg!!! That made Doodles mad! Doodles went after that snake and we wrestled a bit. He would wrap hisself around my legs and I would grab him and throw him. We did this for a long time -- in fact in the process Da momma and Da dad came home and Doodles didn't even notice. It felt like Doodles was in the battle for his very life!

Da dad came right out to my pen and grabbed the snake and got him off of me and took him out to Da momma. Da momma says he was a gopher snake and he was the biggest one she ever saw. She says he was over 6 ft long and as big around as my leg. Da momma says Doodles was very brave for fighting the snake. She said the snake wouldn't hurt us, but Doodles doesn't believe that cuz he had me in body hold when Da dad came in. I was beginning to feel like one of those wrestler peepol on the talking box! Da momma said that the snake was almost dead -- so she had Da dad put him out of his misery. Doodles doesn't know how Da dad did that cuz he took him behind the house and Doodles guesses they had the funeral back there to. Doodles didn't go. Doodles gots extra cookies. I had to share them with Whiskey even though alls she did was stand there and yell!

Doodles don't like snakes and I hope I never sees another one. So that's why there's a snake on my blog today!

Doodles is gonna try to visit everyhusky and everydog's blog today -- but we'll see how Da momma feels firsts.

Doodles out!!

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Doodles in School!

Dusty Doodles reporting here with exciting news!

Doodles is gonna be helping Da sister teach them little kiddles in the school!

See my Da brother is in something called the Navy, they call him Doc. Da momma says he's not a real doctor, but he is a medik and he helps keep the mareens and armees peepols from dying in the wars. Doodles knows when Meeshka rules the world, she won't let the peepols have wars, cuz wars are stoopid. Anyways Doodles misses his Da brother. Da sister teaches the kiddles at a 'pecial school for the armees kiddles. That's all that goes to that school is the armee kiddles. Doodles likes kiddles cuz they are just the right size to kiss and stuff.

Doodles convinced Da momma and Da dad to go to Wally's and buy lots of school stuff to send to the kiddles in Da sister's classroom. Today I gots to help pack it all up and tomorrow Da dad is taking it to the mailpeepol. In the box are school stuffs, pens and pencils and papers and rasers and stuff. Doodles gots to put a 'pecial card in each bag with a little woo on it for the kiddle. It was lots of funs. Now the mailpeepols will take the packages from Da dad and take them to Da sister and she will give them to the kiddles, along with a 'pecial letter Doodles wrotes to them. Doodles hopes the kiddles will writes him back and then when they do, I can help them with their homeworks and stuff. You know Doodles is pretty smart. Da momma has a sign on her car that says Doodles is smarter then an honorary student. That's pretty smart. Da sister is also gonna send me some lessons to help her with. Da sister wants me to write what I knows about stuff and everythings. Doodles is so excited I can't wait!!

Da brother says its important for all of us to help support the trroops and since Doodles don't know them, exept for the ones Da brother brings home, I figures Doodles should help the kiddles. Most all the kiddles at this 'pecial school where Da sister teaches have either their momma or their daddy off in the wars. Doodles knows that they miss their hoomans a lot, cuz Doodles misses his Da brother. Doodles wants them kiddles to know that someone is membering them and says WOO to them and helps them to do good in school.

I'll let you all know when I get my first assinment from Da sister. Maybe somes of you can help!

Oh and about Jack. Doodles woos he won't eat Jack. I just want to get up close to him and sniff him really good and maybe take a little lick or something.

Doodles Out!

PS -- The firepeepols gots the fire out, but the firebug's still on the loose. I been eatin all the bugs I see, but Da momma says that won't help. I just don't get it.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Meet Jack!

Dusty Doodles reporting here!

Sorry it's been a while since I posted. Doodles been busy making friends!

This is Jack. He's Doodles' new friend. Isn'the an interesting looking dog?? He says he's a rabbitdog and I can call him Jack. Doodles has seen some of his relatives, but I've never met them before a couple of days ago.

See, a couple of days ago, Jack walked right up to my pen and Doodles watched him closely. The next day, Jack came back and came right up to the fence again. Doodles just knew he wanted to be friends. So I went up to the fence real slow like, I didn't want to scare him away or anything. Slowly Doodles sniffed him and he sniffed Doodles back. Doodles woo'd at him and he JUMPED! But Jack didn't run off or anything!

Since then, Jack has been coming to visit almost every night. He comes right up to the fence and we say hello and then he JUMPS up and down my fence line and Doodles tries to chase him. Jack's really quick though and he can JUMP a long ways. Last night Doodles ran along the fence and Jack chased me. Doodles wishes Da momma or Da dad would let Jack in my pen, but just like the stoopid hoomans they are, they say that it's not wise. Jack and Doodles calls their new game "Jack Tag". Whiskey don't play it with Jack. Doodles thinks Whiskey is afraid of Jack cuz she won't come and sniff him and say hello or anything. Doodles likes his new friend.

In other news...Da momma's hips are still hurting her and as much as Doodles tries to make them all better, it's just not working. She went to the hooman doctor and he gave her some pills. Doodles hopes that makes Da momma all better soon, so she will play chase with me and Whiskey. If those hooman doctor pills don't work, Doodles is gonna tell Da momma she needs to go to Doodles' doctor, Brenda. Doodles knows Dr. Brenda would fix Da momma right up, cuz she's good like that.

Whiskey gots Doodles in trouble the other morning. See, we are not allowed to play husky games in the house and Whiskey keeps forgetting. So she started it and Doodles was trying to tell her to knock it off. Well, Da momma caughts us and yelled at Doodles. I didn't think that was too fair and Doodles yelled back at her. She tolds me not back talk her or Doodles would go to time out. Doodles doesn't like time out cuz that means I have to go to the crate in the sleepy room all by myself. Doodles doesn't like to be by hisself.

We gots another firebug this year. See, firebugs come and start fires. Fires are really scary. This firebug started a fire in the hills behind us. It's not real close to our house yet and Doodles hopes those firehoomans can put it out quick. We live in fire country as Da momma calls it. We have lots of wildfires, sometimes the light rods from the sky start the fires, sometimes peepols start the fires and sometimes Doodles hears the talking box say it's firebugs. The talking box say it's a pretty big fire. Doodles tried last year to find that firebug so I could eats him up, but I couldn't find him. Doodles is gonna start looking again for him. Doodles figures if I eats him, he can't start no fires in my tummy and that would keep our house and neighborhood safe and stuff.

Well Doodles better go and head outside, it's almost time for Jack to come and play!

Doodles Out~

Sunday, August 13, 2006

It's TAG!!!

Dusty Doodles here!

I was tagged by IndyPindy.

Here's how this kinda tag is played:

The player of this game starts with "5 weird things/habits about yourself." Then you tag 5 friends and list their names. The furries who get tagged need to write on their blogs about their 5 weird things/habits, as well as state this rule clearly, then tag 5 more victims. Don't forget to leave your victim a comment that says "you're tagged!" in their comments and tell them to read your blog.

1. Doodles loves foods, all foods. Doodles knows how to eat artichokes (but they must have mayonaise) and I even love lettuce.

2. Doodles woos when Da momma asks me "Does Dusty have woo's in him" or "You got something to say". It's my cue to woo away and sometimes I have lots and lots to say.

3. Doodles eats olives. We live in an olive orchard and have lots of trees. Da momma says the trees are too old for harvesting so we don't have that done. But the olives still fall to the ground and I eats them. They have to be just the right ripeness and I can become very possessive of my olives.

4. Doodles has to have dessert after every meal. Dessert is 3 cookies. If I don't eat my dessert I will bug the hoomans, including using the claw like Meeshka. Dessert is part of my meals. The most important part.

5. In real life Doodles doesn't like little dogs because once when we were on vacation, I was minding my own business on a trail and a little dauchie came and attacked me, biting my leg and made me need to see the doctor about it. Da momma kept me from killing the little dog, who wasn't on a leash, but ever since I see all little dogs as ankle biters and want them gone. Prior to that I was pretty gentle with little guys. But I love my internet doglet friends -- I would never try to hurt them because Doodles knows they wouldn't hurt me.

Doodles tags Sadie Mae, Hershey, Splash, Dakota, and Lex

Doodles Out~

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

It's Just Me, Omani


Dusty Doodles gave me his secret password and told me I should post a few words in his blog. I've never done this before, so if I make a mistake, please forgive me.

I want to thank all of Dusty's blog friends for asking about me and keeping their paws crossed for me in regards to my incident with the Stinkycat.

It was very late at night when I saw stinky. Now, you have to understand, there are no other animals allowed in my pen -- not ever. I am not a meanie (like Miss Shonee) but there are some things I just cannot tolerate. It is my job to alert the humans if anyone comes to our gate or if there are strange things outside. I take my job very seriously. My human family, as well as my canine family depend on me.

So anyway, I saw old Stinky and I alert barked, but no one paid attention. I am sure the humans were asleep and Dusty was in the house that night with Whiskey. Miss Shonee and TunMan were dead asleep -- you know they are old, right??

I took it upon myself to defend my family from the likes of Stinky. When I approached Stinky and asked him to leave nicely, he turned around and sprayed me right between the eyes with his evil smell. It hurt my eyes really bad, but it also made me mad. So I went after him and my niceness was gone. Stinky ended up having to attend a funeral, and it was his own. I am not sorry about that. The rules are the rules. I most certainly understand a Stinkycat or someone else accidently making their way into my pen, but when I ask you to leave nicely, you better do it -- or there will be consequences. That's the way it is.

Even though Miss Shonee and TunMan didn't get close to Stinky, they still had to go to Doctor Brenda's with me. I didn't know that Stinkycat's could carry rabies and not that it would have mattered anyway. I would easily lay down my life for those in my family. It's just the way I am.
I was up to date on my rabies vaccination and Stacy, our nurse, gave me another one, just to be safe. She also put some drops in my eyes that helped the sting go away. I had 'red eye' for a day or so, but they feel much better now.

We won't know for sure about the rabies unless/until I come down with it. Dr. Brenda thinks I should be safe from it, and I was last time we had a StinkyCat that came into the yard. If I show no symptoms in 60 days, they will assume that I am okay -- although my human says that in rare cases symptoms can appear 6 months later. I know it is a fatal disease and although I'd rather not die, I also know that if I do contract rabies, I have lived a good life and there isn't anything I would have changed -- well except for my friend, Dusty, having to live in a different pen. My humans love me, they have taken good care of me since I came here as a rescue at 10 weeks of age. I am now almost 6 years old.

Thank you all for your words of encouragement to Dusty. He's been pretty upset about the whole thing. And again, thank you for keeping me in your thoughts.

If Dusty allows it, I will post again sometime.

Always on guard,

Omani Frances

On a Serious Note...

Dusty Doodles reporting here. I have something serious I want to talk about.

Doodles doesn't understand how peepol can still allow us huskies, doggles and doglets to make puppies, when there are millions of us dying in the doggy jails. Doodles knows that some puppies have to be made, but Doodles thinks that those puppies should be the very best that can be made. The hoomans that own the mom and dad dogs should not just allow them to make puppies, but do everything in their power to make sure those puppies are as perfect and healthy as can be.

It makes Doodles really mad when I see meanie Shonee getting special attention. She gets special attention because she's sick all the time. Meanie Shonee is sick all the time because her dog mom and dad weren't checked for diseases before they made her. The peepol that owned her dog mom and dad were what Da momma calls backyardbreeders. They sound evil and Doodles doesn't like them. So because they were stoopid and allowed meanie Shonee's dog mom and dad to make her and didn't make sure they were healthy and disease free, now Doodles has to deal with meanie Shonee and her getting all the special attention from Da momma and Da dad for being sickly. See, that is pretty stoopid, huh?? Just another way that hoomans are stoopid. doG, let me count the ways!!

Doodles has been researching what us huskies need to do before we make puppies. Other doggles and doglet breeds may need to do different things. For huskies, we need special pictures, called xrays, to check out hips to make sure they are okay. We don't need no crippled puppies that need wheeliechairs to get around or any more that need bionic hips. We also need blood taken outta our arm -- just a little bit -- to check for thyroid problems. Thyroid problems can make us too fat or too skinny and can even make us meanies. We also need our eyes checked. Doodles doesn't mean more peepol looking at our eyes and telling us how buuuteeeful they are. We know they are pretty good looking eyes, but because they are so pretty, they can get evil things in thier call catracks and they can make us blind. If we had a bunch of blind huskies, we might need more Labs to be seeing-eye-dogs for them. No more Labs!! (even though some of Doodles' bestest friends are Labs!!) There are other things that we need too, before we make puppies. We need to be checked to make sure we don't have sex diseases. Not just huskies can get those -- ALL doggles, and doglets can get them. And one more thing -- all doggles, doglets and huskies need to be the very best their breed has to offer and that needs to be confirmed, not by just your momma and your daddy, but by other peepols that don't know you and who don't live with you. Sometimes you will prove that you are the very best in shows or races or agility or stuff. Doodles knows all my friends are the best, they are the bestest friends that a husky could ever have -- but that doesn't mean you are the bestest to make puppies. It doesn't matter if you never have puppies, Doodles will love you all the same!! Woowoo!!

Doodles loves puppies and I don't want any more puppies going to the Bridge because they don't have homes and doG knows we don't need any more dogs here at our house. So unless your house can keep all the puppies that you make, please don't make any -- unless like I said, you've had all your tests and you are the best their is to make puppies.

Doodles Out!

Monday, August 07, 2006

Stinky Cat Update

Dusty Doodles here reporting as usual!

Thought I'd give you all an update on the stinky cat situation. Da dad packed up the three pack and took them to the doctors. My friend, Omani, says that they weren't allowed into the building cuz they stunk. So the Stacy lady, who is our very favorite nursie came out to the truck and gived everyone shots and special nose drops. My friend, Omani, says that the nose drops were the regular ones that we get every year for the cough disease. My friend, Omani says he gots all upset because he wanted to go into the building and get the doctors cat and Stacy told him NO!

My friend, Omani, was still upsets about everything when they gots home. He came to the fence to talks to me and he really stunk. That stinky cat gots him good and you know what?? What smells exotic from a ways away stinks to doG heaven up close. Doodles eyes watered and I sneezed too. My friend, Omani says the stinky cat sprayed the stink into his eyes and his eyes hurts him. Nursie Stacy told him it would go away in a day or so and put stuff in his eyes to help him. My poor friend Omani. He didn't gets to go to stinky cat's funeral either.

Then, Da dad came out and went into the three packs pen with lots of stuff and the water hose. They all had to get baths in stuff that bubbled on them. It helped my friend, Omani, not stink so bad. They each gots two baths. Whiskey and Doodles didn't have to get baths cuz we didn't get near the stinky cat.

When Da momma came home from workie (very late) she says they smell better and could come into the house now.

Our doctor, Dr. Brenda says she thinks my friend, Omani will be okay, cuz she thinks his shots will work for him and she doesn't think the stinky cat had that bad rabies disease. Doodles herd Da dad tell Da momma that.

I herd Da dad tell Da momma that he thinks we have a family of stinky cats living in the bushes on the outside of our perimeter fence, cuz this was just a baby stinky cat and he couldn't of traveled too far. Doodles hopes the stinky cat family stays on their side of the fence, cuz Doodles don't want no baths.

Better go and see if I can bribe some cookies for looking cute and smelling better then my friend, Omani.

Doodles Out~

Beaking News -- Stinky Cat Funeral

Dusty Doodles here reporting on the latest happenings.

It was Doodles and Whiskey's night to sleep in the house. The meanie Shonee, Tundra and my friend Omani were sleeping outside. Da momma says they may be sleeping outside for a long time.

I woke Da dad up to tells him that stinky cat was around -- cuz it stinked really bad. Da dad let me outside in my back yard to do my business and Doodles didn't see the stinky cat. When I cames in, Da momma made me come into the bedroom with her and Whiskey and I heard Da dad go out front. The three pack didn't come in though. He yelled at them loud.

When Da dad came back in, he tolds us that my friend Omani had killed a stinky cat. Da dad gots him away from the stinky cat and had to bury him. Da momma didn't go to the funeral, she stayed with us and she saids that stinky cats -- she calls them skunks -- are too stinky for her to stand around in her pj's and watch Da dad bury. Doodles thinks she should have gone anyway.

According to Da momma, the three pack has to have their shots -- which means either they have to go to Dr. Brenda or Dr. Brenda has to come here. Da dad's 'posed to call first thing in the morning to find out if Dr. Brenda will come out or allow one of the girls to come and if they are too busy to come today, then the three pack have to go in to the doctors.

Then Da momma saids that they have to have a special bath and Da dad has to go to town to get the rest of the ingredients. I'm glad Doodles and Whiskey don't have to get special baths. Doodles doesn't like baths. I wonder if the bath will make the stinks go away???

Da momma saids that the stinky cats carry something called rabies that us huskies and doggles can get. Doodles hopes his friend Omani doesn't get it. Da momma says that with hope and luck and prayers that the shots will hold them. But maybe the stinky cat didn't have the rabies.

Doodles is worried about his friend. Cross your paws ok?? Doodles is sad that stinky cat lost with Omani -- but Omani is a big doggle and stinky cat is smaller then a doglet and if this stinky cat wasn't full grown, then he was smaller then that.

Doodles is sad that stinky cat didn't get a proper funeral too. Do stinky cats go to the Rainbow Bridge?? Da momma and Da dad are mad about the stink, but Doodles kinda like it and I think they are over reacting, just like typical hoomans, to the smell. It don't smell that bad. It smells kinda interesting...better then that foo-foo perfumie stuff Da momma uses -- it makes me sneeze.

Back to sleepy time -- it's still the middle of the night here.

Doodles Out.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Simply Sunsday

Dusty Doodles here reporting as usual!

This is a picture of Doodles at the beach. Doodles loves the beach, but I don't get to go very often because it's very far away. There are fun things to do at the beach. Rub in all kinds of exotic smells and play in the waters. When we go to the beach we gets to stay in a little cabin. It's like a house only way smaller. Da momma says when we goes to the beach, Doodles acts like he is on vacation cuz I won't eat my regular foods and will only eat vacation foods. Vacation foods are cheesyburgers and chicken and fish and french fries.

The quail birds woulda walked into Whiskey's mouths today, but she didn't open her mouths. Instead she barked at the quail bird and he flewed away. I gots to train her better or something. That quail bird will be back though and Doodles is waiting!!

Da momma is walking funny. It must be hard to walk on just 2 legs instead of 4. Anyways, she says it's arfritis in her hip and it hurts her. Doodles says get that arfritis outta there. Da momma says she wants one of those bionic hips like the doggles at Meeshka's place. Doodles says she needs to do to that doggles' doctor and he would give her one. Maybe then she wouldn't walk so funny.

I caught Da momma with tears on her face today. Doodles hates when she does that cuz then Doodles has to lick them all up for her. She said that too many good peeples die and that some lady who loved huskies named Susan Butcher died of some silly disease. Doodles woos for her family and Doodles knows that she's leading the best team of huskies beyond the Rainbow Bridge. One day all us huskies will get to kiss her and woo for her in person.

In other news, Da sister is being very bad. Doodles emailed Da sister several days ago and asked her to fix my blog all up with new links and Paw It Forward like Charlie asked, but Da sister hasn't done it. Doodles even told her to let Sadie Mae on the compooter to update her blog and tell me about the Spa, but she hasn't done that either. Doodles doesn't like it when Da sister doesn't repond to polite requests and Doodles isn't quite sure what to do about it. Da momma says Da sister will be here in a few months for a visit. If she's not done her stuff on my blog by then Doodles is gonna have to keep her in the compooter chair until she does and then Doodles thinks he will parade in the yard with her underwear. She always gets mad when Doodles does that. That will show her about polite requests and stuff -- donja think??

Time to go snuggle with Da momma and try to scare away that arfritis stuff from her hip.

Doodles Out.

Friday, August 04, 2006

Funs on Frysdays!

Dusty Doodles reporting from Da City of Gold!

This is the quail bird that is gonna walk into my mouths any time now. He is getting closer and closer and pretty soon he will walk right in. Doodles even has Whiskey convinced to just lay still and watch and wait -- I think she's waiting for one to walk into her mouths too. Da momma says I'm getting droolie face waiting. She's such a goober.

Speaking of Da momma, I heard her tell Da dad that for the next month (how long is that??) she has to do that workie thing a lot. Doodles herd that the other peeples at the workie place are having an operation (does that mean they are broken and have to get fixed like Doodles did??) and then somepeeples is on vacation or something. Doodles thinks they just went to the beach and left Da momma there to do all the workie things. Workie is stoopid. When Meeshka rules the world, I bet we don't have that workie thing no more. Doodles don't like Da momma do that workie thing from sun up to sun down cuz then Da momma is too tired to play with Doodles and Whiskey.

Da momma tolds me that Da sister called and said that Sadie Mae went to the spa and they were mean to her there. Da momma threatens to send Doodles to the spa cuz I don't like to get that torture brush. Why would Da momma send me to a spa if they were mean to Sadie Mae?? Da momma says it would be a different spa then Sadie Mae, but I don't know if I like that whole spa idea. Any of the doglets out there go to the spa?? Are they really mean to you there?? Da momma says they will make me smell good. Doodles doesn't want to smell good, Doodles wants to smell like stinky cat. Doodles likes stinky cat. Doodles will do the bitie thing if they try to make him smell good.

Today Doodles and Whiskey stole Da dads cookies. See he got himself the peeple cookies, you know the kind that taste really good, but they don't let Doodles have. Something about choclate making huskies stoopid or something. Anyway, Da dad got hisself the cookies and then went to the room where the peeples do their business and he left the cookies are the low table in the talking box room. So ---- Doodles took one cookie and Whiskey took the other cookie. They were sure good. But when Da dad came back he asked who ate his cookies and Doodles and Whiskey denied it. Da dad had the nerve to open our mouths and look to see if we had cookie stuff on our teefs. We did, we were busted. He said we were bad HULA-gans. That will teach him to leave the peeple cookies alone. They just called to us and we had to save them.

That's it for now.

Doodles Out~

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Just to Clarify...

Doodles here --

Just need to clarify about my post on fences. Doglets ususally do well in yards with short fences, because they are short! Many doglets I have learned don't climb, cuz it might hurt their little backs. But all dogs and doglets get the 'grass is greener' thoughts if left alone too much and you, little doglets still needs to be careful about and all.

I knows not all dogs are huskies (and some of those other kinds are pretty cute for doglets), but us huskies are what Da momma calls nomadic. What that means is we like everyone and every place and like to explore.

So huskies and doglets alike, just be safe and make sure your hoomans keep you safes -- okay??

Doodles Out!!
Short post tonite cuz Da momma needs some extra kisses and snuggles -- she was gone from sun up to sun down (when I woo'd her home) cuz of that workie thing she does.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

News About Peeples

Dusty Doodles reporting here in sunny northern California!

It's very nice outside for summer. It's only about 90 during the day and the nights time has a little nip in the air -- in the 50's. Doodles and Whiskey been spending time pool-side and catching the rays. Only one problem with that. Whiskey's fur is sunburning. Her black and white tail is turning red and white. You think she might turn all red and white like Meeshka?? I kinda like Whiskey black and white cuz Doodles thinks that it looks good with me -- I'm gray and white....but I don't know, that Meeshka and her red and white sure is purty. Woowoo!!

Doodles wants to know why peeples are so stoopid. Can anyone tell me?? I'm standing at the back door waiting to go out and do my business and they ASK me if I want to go out! HELLO -- do they think Doodles is standing here to look purty??? Then Doodles comes in the house and runs to the cookie jar, which is on the counter -- conveniently placed outta my reach by those same peeples. Doodles is standing there looking purty and trying to tell them that it's COOKIE time. After all, Doodles went outside and did his business and came running back in, what more reason is there to get a COOKIE??? So Da momma peeples, she asks me if I want a cookie. Well, Doodles would rather have a steak, but since those aren't kept in the jar on the counter -- what do I have to do spell it out for her?? Doodles thinks he is becoming a pointer dog or something.

And Da dad peeples is really no better then Da momma peeples. He just ignores us and I have had to resort to bitie and claw to get his attention. Then he looks at Doodles all stoopid like and asks me if Doodles wants something. I only been trying to tell him for ever what it is Doodles wants and he was ignoring me. So Doodles gots his sandle shoe and took a bitie out of it. He hasn't noticed yet -- but he will. Then I went outside and went swimming and came running in and jumped on his side of the big bed. I didn't get Da momma's side wet, only Da dad's side. Doodles will teach him to ignore me!!

Woowooowoowooowoo!!! I almost forgots to tell you. I saws the quail birds today. They are almost big enough to eat! Yummmyyyy!!!! Fresh quail under the veranda. Those quail birds are so stoopid they just walk right into my mouths. Last year a couple of times, I was just sitting in the veranda enjoying the day and the quail bird walked right up to me and about jumped into my mouths. All I had to do was open my mouths and eat him. I can't wait til they do it again....

I'm going out now to wait for the quail birds to walk into my mouths.

Doodles Out!

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Something Serious

Dusty Doodles here, reporting on something serious today.

We all read Meeshka's blog about chips and tatoos and not getting lost. And my own cousin, Sadie Mae, got lost and her tatoo and chip helped her find her momma again.

Chips and tatoos and collars and tags are all important, there is no doubt in Doodles mind. Doodles and all my furry family here are chipped and I am also tatoo'd. Da momma wants us back if ever we get lost or stolen.

I wants to talk to you tonight about containing us huskies and wanna be huskies. We can be difficult to contain and Da momma knows lots of peeples that have lost their dog friends because the dogs friend escaped from the yard. Yards and pens and outside time is important to us. We like it outside where we can enjoy the weather and the bugs and the lizards. But sometimes the grass is greener on the other side of that fence, or it blocks our view of the Jacks or cowdogs and we gotta get out to see those things. Getting out of our fences can be really dangerous for us. There are cars. Why I don't know, seems hoomans can't run very far and have to drive those cars. But those cars smoosh us flat. They are pretty big. And the other thing, out here in the country where Doodles lives, there are farmers and the farmers can SHOOT any dog found harrassing their cowdogs. Now I don't think that's very fair, but they can do it. There are lots of dangers in the peeples world, bad peeples, peeples that do mean things to huskies and doglets.

When you peeples brought us huskies and other doglets into your lives, we needed you to keep us safe. Part of that is keeping us properly contained. Now I like to run free just as much as the next husky, but I also know that there are bad things out there.

Different huskies need different types of fences to keep them contained. Some huskies will stay behind a 4 ft tall fence -- at least until a Jack or cowdog comes along. The best bet is to make our yard or pen as husky-proof as possible.

What does it take to keep us in?? Well, Doodles can tell you what we have here and so far it's kept us pretty safe. We have chain link fencing, it is 6 ft tall. We also have that fencing buried in the ground next to the fence, so when we get in a dig-fest we can't tunnel under the fence. Da momma keeps locks on all our gates. Now the secret is they just look locked, but they aren't really. But those bad peeples that would hurt us don't know that, don't you tell them either -- it's our secret okay?? We also have zappy wire. Doodles doesn't like zappy wire, but it makes me stay away from the fence!! Since we live in the country and have big pens, Da dad also put a perimeter fence around our whole property -- it has a locking gate on it that either you have to have the clicker (if Doodles didn't chew it) to get in or know the special codie thing. The meter lady knows our codie thing, so she gets to come in and feed us COOKIES. The firepeeoples and the poleecepeoples know our codie thing too, so they can save us if we need help and Da momma and dad aren't around. And one other peeples knows our codie and that's our doctor -- cuz she comes by sometimes to visit (without giving shots) when she visits her horsey, which is down the road. When Da sister comes to visit, Da momma gives her a clicker -- if the Doodles hasn't chewed it.

So Doodles feels pretty safe here at my house. Could you please ask your hoomans to go check your fences and make sure you can't get out?? I'd hate to lose my new friends because they escaped and were running free and didn't have compooter axcess. Go. Now. Woo to them and take them to the fence and show them your secret escape spots.

Stay Safe

Doodles Out!