Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Da Dad is HOME!!!

DustyDoodles reporting!

Da Dad is HOME!!!!!!! He is walking pretty funny and slow and he smells really funny -- but he's home!! He even came outside and visited Doodles!!

Da momma says no dogs in the house for a couple more days, cuz she's afraid that we would knock him down and Doodles understands that -- we huskies are not doglets and we have lots of energy and stuff. Doodles doesn't wanna hurt Da dad by making him fall or anything, so I can wait to come in. Da dad is HOME!!!!!

Da momma says that Da dad has to walk lots and lots, so every time he walks he comes to my pen and visits with me -- I make sure to give him lots of kisses and woo to him, telling him how much I love him and missed him. I'm sure it's helping him feel better.

Da momma says maybe tomorrow Whiskey and Doodles can come in for a little while and visit. I hope so. Doodles wants to snuggles next to Da dad and kiss him all better. Da momma says Doodles has to be gentle. Doodles can do that!!

Tomorrow Sadie Mae is coming -- or tonight -- Doodles forgets. That will be fun. Da sister came on the huskymobile in the sky, so she didn't bring Sadie Mae with her, Auntie Jen is gonna
drive Sadie Mae here.

Sister has been making the foods and they are better than Da momma's. Not as good as Da dad, but better then Da momma. Tomorrow we gets TURKEY cuz it's Turkey day!!! Da sister promised!!

Better go -- before I gets caught in the computer room!!

Doodles Out!!!

Monday, November 20, 2006

Da Dad Update!

DustyDoodles Reporting!!

Thank you to everyhusky, everydoglet and everydog for the woo's and prayers for my Da dad. Da dad is still in the hospital. Da momma told me that he got monia and was really sick after the operation. Doodles doesn't know what monia is, but it doesn't sound too good. Da momma says Da dad is getting better slowly. Doodles hopes so, cuz Da momma makes icky foods for me.

In other news -- Da sister is here!!!! Da sister is here!!! DoInG tHe HaPpY hUsKy DaNcE!!!! Doodles loves Da sister!!!! Da sister comed to help Da momma take care of the Da dad, so that must mean he's coming home soon??? Doodles misses Da dad.

I just heard Da momma tell Da sister to make our breakfast foods -- Doodles bets she does better then Da momma!!!

Doodles Out!!

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Da Dad

Dusty Doodles reporting here!

Thought I would write just a quick post and let all my friends know that Da dad had his operation today. Da momma and Da dad left very early this morning and Da momma came home this afternoon. She says the operation went good and Da dad is see you. Doodles knows that makes no sense, but honest that's what Da momma says. Da momma says if all goes well, Da dad will be home in a few days -- so, everyhusky, everydoglet, everydog, please keep saying good Woos for Da dad and keep him in your thoughts. Doodles wants his Da dad to come home soon.

Doodles Out!

PS -- Da momma is back to feeding us and it's just not right.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Da Dad Needs Prayers

Dusty Doodles reporting!

Da momma is gonna help me with this post, with my spelling and 'plaining stuff cuz you know friends, that Doodles isn't that good at that kind of thing.

This picture is of me and my Da dad with Tundra. Da dad is loving on Doodles.

Sorry I haven't posted before now, but things have happened really quick at our house and Da dad and Da momma have been gone a lot. That means Doodles and Whiskey had to stay outside and I couldn't get to the computer.

It seems that my Da dad is not well. And Da momma and him have been having to go to lots of doctors -- Da momma told me they are not all nice like Doctor Brenda. Now they tell me that Da dad has to have a big operation, not like when Doodles was broken and got fixed, but a really big operation on his heart. Doodles is gonna let Da momma tell you now.
This is Dusty's human Mom. Dusty has not been in the house for his usual rotations, because we as having some medical issues with my husband. Ray will be going in for a quadruple by-pass surgery on Wednesday, November 15th. This was found totally by accident, and has as a result been quite a shock to the whole family. We are still trying to adjust to it and come to terms with it. I assure all of Dusty's friends, that he is still being fed and is not being abused. After surgery, during the initial home recovery, the 5 dogs will have to stay outside to keep them from being over-exerburant with Ray and causing injury. When Ray feels up to it and I feel he can handle them, we will again put them on their normal rotation and Dusty will again be stealing the computer.
Okay it's me Doodles back again. Doodles knew he couldn't explain all that to you, so I hopes you don't mind that I asked Da momma to do it for me. We are trying to be good outside, but we do miss our times with Da dad -- who hasn't been to see us in a few days. Da momma is feeding us now, and well, she gives us plenty of foods and stuff, and Doodles doesn't want to hurt her feelings, but honestly?? Da dad makes our foods better.
So that's the big news in our house. Minor news is a stinky cat got hit by a car right up from our house. He died. It's also been raining!!! Doodles loves the rain, cuz the rain means MUD!!!! Da momma calls me a mud puppy!
Well Doodles better go and check on Da dad, I want to lay really close to him before his operation and make sure he knows that Doodles loves him bunches.
So everyhusky, every doglet, everydog, please say special prayers from my Da dad and keep your paws crossed for us.
Doodles Out!