Monday, July 23, 2007

I've Been Tagged!!

Dusty Doodles Reporting!!

My friend Holly tagged me to list my favorite books. Well, Doodles has a hard time reading, because I can't turn the pages real well. I've tried, but it just doesn't work and Doodles ends up ripping the pages out of the books. BUT! Da momma reads to me. She has always read to me during storms when they have the thunder stuff and during hunting season when there are big booms going on. She's done this since I was a little pup. I don't need her to read to me any more during those scary things, but I still like it!! So when I see her with a book, Doodles will curl up next to her and woo her until she reads to me!

These books are the ones that I like her to read to me:

Beyond Words; Talking with Animal and Nature, by Marta Williams. Marta is a good friend who has talked to me before and in this book, she teaches other hoomans how to talk to their animuls. Marta is what the hoomans call a animul communicator. She recently helped find a lady's husky on Sibernet. Marta has helped find many lost dogs and helped many hoomans know what their animuls are feeling. Doodles thinks Da momma should just memorize this book and then she would know when I wanted a cookie, instead of me having to tell her and show her and think that she's a retard.

Twelve Dogs of Christmas by Emma Kragen is a fun book that Da momma always reads me at Christmas time. We have the music from it too and Doodles always woo's with the 7 howling Huskies! You really need to get this book and either read it, if you can turn the pages, or make your hooman read it too you!

All Creatures Great and Small by James Herriot is one of Doodles' all time favorites! It's about a country vet, like my Dr. Brenda and his favorite patients. Some of the patients are dogs, but he treats all kinds of animals! He seems like he is a very good doctor and Doodles been thinking that maybe Dr. Brenda learned from him.

Dogs Never Lie About Love by Jeffery Moussaieff Masson. What can Doodles say. Dogs NEVER lie about love!! That's the truth!! But Da momma says in some of the book, Jeffrey is all wet, but she still likes it and it used to be required reading for her adoptive parents when she was doing rescue. It does make a person stop and think. I like it.

And finally -----

Siberian Huskies for Dummies by Diane Morgan. Doodles just loves this book!! Da momma reads it all the time and then Doodles does things opposite of the book, just to keep her guessing!! This was another book that Da momma made people get before they took one of her foster dogs. It's a great book and Doodles knows that if more Siberian Huskies read this, we could over throw the world quicker, because we could just do things different then in the book and our hoomans wouldn't know what to make of it.

There you have it, Dusty Doodles' 5 favorite books! I tag Sadie Mae, Butters, Maverick, and The Little Dashies.

Doodles Out!!

Sunday, July 22, 2007

The Fight of the Honey Bee

Dusty Doodles Reporting!!!

Doodles had a battle this week. It was with a honey bee. This is what happened.

Doodles was in the back pen, just minding my own business, eating the olives that had fallen from the trees. Then Doodles saw it!! It was a honey bee that landed on one of my olives!! Bad honey bee, those are my olives!!

So, Doodles picked up the honey bee with my mouth, real easy like and pittooied him out, away from my olives. He seemed to be pretty shocked, because he just stayed there for a minute. But then all of a sudden he decided he was going to get on my olive again. So again, I picked him up with my mouth, really easy like and pittooied him out away from my olives. Well then he decided he wanted to fight for the olive and started buzzing my face. So I caughts him in my mouth and he was buzzing around in there. I decided to teach him a lesson and was just going to let him buzz in my mouth and not let him out for a bit. When all of a sudden he did it!!! He stung my tongue!! OUCH!!! That hurt!!! So Doodles got the last bite, I chomped him up and swallowed him.

Doodles came running in the house, I was pawing at my face and sticking my tongue out real long. Da momma was at workie, so it was up to Da dad to fix me up. Da dad asked what was wrong. Hello, my tongue is swelling and it about touching the floor!! So Da dad gets his glasses and looks at my tongue and finds the stinger part in there. He pulls it out and gets me some ice to chew on. While Doodles is chewing his ice, Da dad calls Da momma and I think she told him to give me medicine, because next thing I know, Da dad is poking pills down my throat. I gots more ice too and even an OTTER POP!!!

The medicine made me a little sleepy, so Doodles had to take a nap.

That's it.

Doodles Out!!

Sunday, July 15, 2007

All About ME!!

Dusty Doodles Reporting!!

I am redoing things around here. I have added a page all about me. It's called 101 Things About ME!!! you can find it HERE. I have also listed in on my side bar.

Doodles thinks he compromised with Da momma. I want a, but Da momma says she has to spend her dollars on Doodles cookies. So, because I want my cookies (and to sponsor Meeshka in the blogathon) I decided maybe I could just spruce things up around here. If you get a chance check out the page about ME! and leave me a message about what you thinks.

Doodles is also coming up with an AWARD. Come back and check on that -- cuz I'm designing the graphic, but I need Da sister to do the codie thing for it and she's on vacation (Sadie Mae is in the doggy hotel). So once Da sister comes back and does the codie for the graphic (so Doodles can share it), then Doodles with be giving awards!! It will be for good reporting, cuz you knows Doodles loves to report on stuff.

Gotta go, it's cookie time!

Doodles Out!!!

Saturday, July 14, 2007

New Award!

Dusty Doodles Reporting!!!

Hey, my friend Indy gave me this nifty award!!! WOOOWOOOO Thanks Indy!!! Inday says Doodles has to give it to some friends too, so I give it to Sadie Mae, The doglets (Roxie, Sammy and Andy) and to Tucker!!! All you have to do is copy and paste this:

Make sure you give it to your friends as well!! Doodles puts one on his side bar, where he keeps all his awards!!

I hears that Meeshka is feeling better, except the gimpy's are bothering her. Doodles is so glad she got over her youteei and is feeling better. I can't wait until the blogathon. I knows we are going to have lots of fun!! AND Doodles gets Meeshka fluff!!!

In other news, Da momma is thinking about letting me have my very own website named after me. She says I would have to share it with her and let her put stuff up there, but Doodles could do his blog thing there and he could make all the doggy pages and stuff. She's still thinking about it. Doodles thinks she should just do it, whys do hoomans have to think so much?? That's what gets thems into troubles and they don't even have a crate to go it!!

It's hot here, so Doodles has to go cool his paws now.

Doodles Out!!!

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Doodles is Sad!

Dusty Doodles Reporting!
I have it on good word that our HULA leader and my heart-throbe, Meeshka is sick. Da momma was telling me that she has something called a youteei. Her hoomans took her to Dr. Brenda and she's on medicine. Doodles hopes Meeshka feels better soon. I'll be checking her blog for updates. Doodles knows when she feels better she will tell us all about it.
If you are out and about, please check on Meeshka and to make her feel better, you might wanna sponsor her in the Blogathon. Meeshka is doing this Blogathon for Harness to Hope Rescue. HTH rescue helps save us Huskies and other potential HULA members and put them in homes where they can rule. This helps all dogs and doglets, because you know, one day Huskies WILL rule the world. When Huskies rule the world we will outlaw such things as Thunder and Fireworks and stuff like that. Meeshka has even talked about banning cars, because they hurt us. I know Meeshka would feel better way quicker if she knew that she was still the top money raiser of the blogathon -- so go now and sponsor her. You don't even need to steal your hooman's plastic card yet -- after the blogathon, they will send you an email and THEN you can steal the plastic card!! PLUS during the blogathon, Meeshka is going to have contests for sponsors and you could win something -- maybe even MEESHKA FLUFF. If you win something, please send MEESHKA FLUFF to me, so Doodles can have Meeshka next to him.
Doodles is sad because Meeshka is sick. Feel better Meeshka. Woos are coming your way!!
Doodles Out!!!

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

The Great Doodles Hunter

Dusty Doodles Reporting!!

Da momma is giving us new cookies now! See, with all the dog food recalls and stuff, she got scared to feed us those cookies she buys at the dog store. She was making us cookies and those are pretty good, but it's too hot now for her to start the food safe (she calls it an oven). So, she starting looking around for something that we could have for cookies. She tried greenie beans and those are okay, but who wants to work for greenie beans?? One day she came home with a big bag of these. She calls them animul cookies, which is okay, cuz Doodles thinks that Huskies are animuls. Da momma has to be careful with what she gives us cuz Meanie Shonee has allergies to stuff and she won't bring things into the house that Meanie Shonee could get and get sick on. Doodles guesses she checked these out and they won't hurt Meanie Shonee.

Now when we gets our cookies Da momma tells us what wes are eating. She'll say "Doodles, eat a whino" or "Doodles have a wabbit". It makes Doodles feel like he's a big Husky Hunter!! I gets to eat all kinds of things!! Funny though, they just taste like crackers. Must be like one of those hooman things where they say things taste like chicken!

Today is the big bang day for hoomans. I think it's stooopid. Doodles is not afraid of big bangs or the lights, but Whiskey is. We don't have big bangs out here too often, unless someone is hunting jacks or something. See we live way out in the country, with just cowdogs and their cowpups as neighbors. Oh yeah, there are some other hoomans too, but not too many. We also live in wildfire land, so most hoomans aren't stoopid enough to light those bang things out here cuz it would start a fire and Doodles doesn't like fires. When Da momma hears anyone lighting off those bang things, she calls the firehoomans and poolicehoomans and they come and take the peoples to jail. It's serious stuff out here in wildland fire zone. Doodles hopes no one tries it tonight, everything out here, except for my yard, is brown and Da momma says would go up like a match -- whatever that is.

Everyhusky, doglet and others, please be careful tonight. DO NOT run away from the noise. Da momma says that the 4 days after big bang day is the busiest in doggy jail because of run away dogs and doglets. Don't let it be you! Stay in your yards and in your houses, Doodles knows you might be scared, but it will be over soon and when Huskies rule the world we will outlaw big bang things.

Doodles Out!