Wednesday, June 27, 2007

CowPup Visit

Dusty Doodles Reporting!!!

We had a cowpup come to visit!! This is what happened --

Whiskey and Doodles were in their pen waiting for their breakfasts, when all of a sudden a cowpup appear in front of our pen!! It was like magic!! I guess we wasn't watching or nothing, being we were waiting for our foods. I gots to get a good sniff of cowpup and talk to him and everything!! Whiskey just screamed at him!! Cowpup said that one of the other cowdogs broke the fence in their pen and cowpup decided to take a walk-about. Well he has been watching us from the field where he lives (across the street from us) and he wondered what we weres. Cowpup sure does talk funny, but I am learning his language. Anyways, when Cowpup went on his walk-about, he noticed that our Da momma left the gate open to our property when she went to workie, so he just came right in to meet us!! Da dad was pretty shocked when he brought out our breakfast foods! Da dad gave us our foods and then took Cowpup back to his pen. He sure is a handsome Cowpup, don't you think???? I hope Cowpup breaks outta his pen again really soon so we can visit more!

This is a ringtail. 'Member, Doodles said in my last post, how one came to visit us, but he wasn't very friendly?? Well someone left a comment and asked me to post a picture of one. This is not the one that came to visit, but looks just like him. I found this picture on the interweb. I hope I don'ts get in trouble for posting it here. But what are they gonna do?? Send me to my crate??? They are pretty cute, huh??? I haven't seen him in a while.

More later!

Doodles Out!!!!

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Long Overdue Report

Dusty Doodles Reporting!

Hey everyhusky, (and dog) I'm back!! It's been a long time, prolly too long, but there has been a lot of stuff happening in my neighborhood!

First off, they stopped shooting Jacks! I think Da dad went and talked to the human who was doing it and told him that if he didn't stop, we were gonna call our Warden friend. Warden Dale is a good friend and he helps protects all the animuls in the woods and country. Sometimes he comes to visit us and he plays frog with us!! So, for now, the Jacks are safe!!

The news with my furry family --

Everydog except Tundra has had their yearly Dr. Brenda visit. Tundra goes in the fall, so he's not due yet. All of our shots gots updated, we had all our tests and we all passed. I'm sure the other dogs here got cookies, cuz Dr. Brenda always gives good cookies and kisses when she's done giving us our examination. Whiskey is a pain in the huskybutt. She has decided that Da momma is HER Da momma and insists on hogging her. Da momma makes sure I get extra attention and loves and makes Whiskey go sit down. Yup, Whiskey finally learned to sit when she's told. Took a long time and I had to coach her some, but she does it now pretty good. Of course she still doesn't have the sit down, woo and look all sad thing going on, but she is a husky, so I'm sure in time she will get that too. Today, Meanie Shonee had to have a bath. Doodles didn't get to watch, but I did get to see her all wet and looking like a drowned rat. I laughed at her and she screamed at me!! Woowooowoo!!

In the neighborhood ---

We haves a rat under our chicken house. She Da momma has a tirement home for laying chickens here. Right now we only have 2 of them chickens, but Doodles has never seen them lay down, so I don't understand why they are called laying chickens. Anyway, Da momma says that when the chickens stop making eggs, people will kill them or turn them loose or stuff and she feels bad for them. She's such a softy. So anyways, she tells peoples they can bring their chickens here, no roosters allowed, and she will feed them and care for them until they die. That's called tirement. The chickens live in a pen with their very own house. The house has a door on it and at night Da momma locks them in their house so the yippers can't have a chicken buffet. The chicken pen is right outside our back pen, so Whiskey and Doodles gets to watch the chickens. We can't make a chicken buffet because there are 2 fences between us and them, but we gets to watch them. One day we were out there screaming at the chickens and Da momma came outside to tell us QUIET and she spotted the rat. Boy can Da momma scream loud!!! We was trying to tell her that we weren't screaming at the chickens, but were screaming at the rat, but she wouldn't listen to us. So Da momma and Da dad have been trying to get the rat to leave under the chicken house. I guess he's under there and they he comes out and steals the chickens' foods and Da momma doesn't like that, plus she just doesn't like anything that doesn't have fur on their tails. Da hoomans don't want to use poison, because that might hurt us or the chickens, so they have been flooding out Mr. Rat's home, under the chicken house and trying to trap him when he runs out of there. So far, they've caught the lady rat and a couple of babies, but not Mr. Rat. Da momma is getting mad, and she screams everytime she happens to see him. If you know of any way to get Mr. Rat to leave the tirement home for the chickens, please let me know.

The cowdogs had a couple of pups. They sure are cute and Doodles will try to get pictures of them really soon for you. One pup is black and white and one is all white cept for some brown on his face.

Jack has been around, but he is busy raising his family. He tolds me he had a bunch of babies, but I haven't seen them yet. Da momma says they should be out running around any time now.

Oh! We also have spotted a ringtail. They kinda look like Banditcoons, but they are different. We've seen this one a few times and my friend Omani and Doodles always screams at him. They only come out very late at night and one time Da momma saws him too, but she wasn't quick enough with the camera to get a picture of him. I've not had a chance to talk to him yet, as he's not very friendly and he runs pretty fast, but I'm sure he'll come around again.

On the Hooman front --

Da momma has finally stopped working all the time and now she's back to working her regular days. She had to work every day to get my rice planted. See she works where they grow my rice and they had to get it planted, so Doodles would have his rice in his chicken soup. No, my chicken soup is not from the tirement home, Da momma brings home pecial chickens for my chickens soup.

Da dad has been doing the cooking and he makes the bestest soup. He puts green beanies and carrots and stuff in there and it's really good. But he has given me a couple of baths, trying to make my fur come out -- it's not working -- I've decided I'm keeping my furs this year and not going to blow my coat.

Da sister and Sadie Mae are moving. No, not to back here, but to a new house where SadieMae will have more room to play and stuff. And Doodles hears they may get another dog for SadieMae to play with.

My Unkle Lee is very sick and in the hospital. Da momma and Da dad have been going to see him and it takes all day, so Doodles knows he's not at Dr. Brenda's hospital, cuz that's just a few minutes away. But my Unkle Lee is pretty sick and Doodles has been told he might go to the Bridge. If you could, please say a prayer for him and my Aunt Carol too. See, Unkle Lee has kanser and he was on key-mo which made him pretty sick. Then the vets did a neuter on the kanser and took it out. Well, then he got even sicker and had to go back to have something else neutered that got broken during the first neuter. So now he is at Iseeyou and on a breathing machine and I heard Da dad tell someone on the phone that he prolly wasn't going to make it. I'm pretty sure that means he might be going to the Bridge. Doodles doesn't want Unkle Lee to go to the Bridge because I loves him. He comes and visits me and plays wrestle with me and I gets to jump on him and play bitey and stuff. Doodles is always gentle with Aunt Carol because she doesn't like that rough play stuff, but she always brings me cookies when she comes to visit with Unkle Lee and I like her too. So please, if you think about it, say a prayer for Unkle Lee.

Well, I think that's about it for now. Doodles is really gonna try and update more frequently, cuz these long updates make my toes hurt with all this typing and Doodles doesn't want to get toe tunnel or something!

Doodles Out!!