Saturday, December 23, 2006

Merry Santa Paws Daze!

Dusty Doodles Reporting!

Merry Santa Paws Daze to all my friends, both new and old!

Sorry it's been a while since Doodles has updated. With Da dad and everything, I almost don't wanna leave his side when I come in the house. I have been very good about being gentle, even Da dad says so. Da dad is getting better and he is making our foods now, but Da momma is feeding us still. That's okay, as long as Da dad makes my foods, it be fine. Da dad has even play wrestled with me a little. Doodles can't jump on Da dad, so we just play little play wrestle while I lay next to him on the couch. I know that is helping him get his strength back and stuff.

Hey, guess what?? It's now official!! I am an official member of the HULA hoop. Doodles was so excited to get his certificate that I danced the HaPpY hUsKy DaNcE!!!! WOOOWOOOOWOOO!!!

In other news, Da sister came last night with Sadie. Da momma says maybe tomorrow I can play with Sadie. See, because of Shonee, and our big fight, I don't always trust other dogs in person and sometimes I wants to fight them. Since Da dad isn't well yet, Da momma and Da sister don't want us to fight -- so Doodles has to be nice and make sure Whiskey doesn't play too rough with Sadie. You know labs aren't like us Huskies and they can break pretty easy and stuff.

So any ways, Da sister came and then she got sick and was up doing the horka thing almost all night. She horka'd today too, but she seems better now. Doodles wonders what makes hoomans horka. Do they eat grass too?? Or maybe bark or something??

In our house we have the indoor tree up. Doodles thinks he remembers that they call this the Christmas tree. I just know they won't let me pee on it and when I try to see who the presents are for, I get yelled at. But the indoor tree is up, it sure looks pretty, and that can only mean one thing --- SANTA PAWS IS COMING!!!!

Doodles can't wait for Santa Paws Daze and his presents. I want lots of cookies and toys and stuff. I hope Santa Paws brings them to me, cuz I been a really good boy.

Oh, I almost forgots -- we had ICE!! See here in Calyfornia, it don't ever snow. I know that makes Doodles sad too. But, we get ices sometimes and it iced really good for a whole week. So Whiskey and I pretended it was snows and we rolled in it and played in it and it felt sooooo very good. It's warmer now, because it's supposed to rain. I don't mind the rain, cuz that means mud. We have straw in our pen to help contain the mud and it works too -- but when Da momma put the straw out she made sure to leave us an area where it will get muddy. Doodles has to have mud, you know?!!!

I haven't seen many friends -- a yipper came by the other day -- but Shonee scared him off before we could make friends. I did have a gopher friend, until Whiskey played too hard with him and he had to have a funeral. Da momma made Da dad come out and remove his body for the funeral. Doodles didn't get to go and neither did Whiskey. I told Whiskey not to play so rough with him, but she wouldn't listen and he died. I felt bad for Mr. Gopher, but I hope they had a nice funeral for him.

Da momma made special Santa Paws Daze hooman cookies and Doodles got a whole one to his self. Sometimes Da momma is so cool like that. No little bites for Doodles!! The whole cookie!!! It was yummy, but it gave me the urps so Da momma said I couldn't have any more.

Well better get back to the couch and make sure Da dad is okay!

Everyone have a great Santa Paws Daze and I hope you all get lots and lots of presents and cookies!!

Doodles Out!

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Christmas Tag!

Oh, Doodles loves a good game of tag!!!

The rules are:The player of this game starts with "3 things he/she would love to get for Christmas", and then lists "3 things he/she definitely does not want to get for Christmas." Then, he/she tags 5 friends and lists their names. The ones who get tagged need to write on their blogs about their Christmas wishes, as well as state this rule clearly, then tag 5 more victims. And, the one who tags, needs to leave a comment that says, "You've been Christmas tagged!" in their comments and tell them to read your blog.

What Doodles would love for Christmas:
1. SNOW!!!! We never get snow.
2. Da dad to be all well and be able to wrestle with me.
3. More time with Da momma and Da dad.

What Doodles does NOT want for Christmas:
1. A bath
2. Anyone to brush me
3. Any of my friends to get hurt or worse.

I've decided I'm not going to tag anyone in particular -- so if you are reading this, consider yourself tagged! Just leave me a comment and tell me and I'll come visit your blog.

Doodles Out!

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Da dad Update and More!

Dusty Doodles Reporting from sunny and cold Calliforna!

Da dad is getting better! Slowly. Too slowly for Doodles. I tried last night to get him to play bitey with me and he said no, then I tried to get him to wrestle with me and Da momma yelled at me! Doodles was just trying to make Da dad feel betters. I heard Da momma tell him to make our soup today -- I sure hope he does it, cuz no one like Da momma's soups.

Outside of trying to play with Da dad, I been giving him lots and lots of kisses and sitting as close to him as he will let me. See he has a big boo-boo on his chest and it really looks like it hurts a lot, so he doesn't let me get on his lap or anything -- but I been trying. Da momma tolds me that I have to be gentle, so I been gentle. How long til I get my real Da dad back??

In other news, SadieMae came to visit, but I didn't gets to play with her. Da momma said her and Da sister were too busy taking care of Da dad to watch us. So SadieMae gots to stay in the back pen and in the house and Doodles had to stay outside. It was okay, cuz Da dad and Da momma and Da sister comed to visit me and stuff.

We gots turkey on Turkey Days. It was yummy. Then Da momma made us a soup with the turkey -- it was alright. Da dad makes it better.

SadieMae and Da sister left and then we gots to come in the house. That was good, cuz I needed to be with Da dad and give him kisses and stuff.

It's been pretty cool here at night. Down into the 20's even. Doodles likes it and thinks it's just right for moon bathing. Da momma gots all worried about how cold it was at night and got us new fluffs for our houses. I kicked it outta my outside house, it makes it too hot in there for Doodles.

Well that's it for now, maybe more later. I'm gonna try to go visit some blogs this afternoon, but we'll see if Da momma steal the computer back!!

Doodles Out!