Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Oh My doG, They're Shooting Jacks!!

Dusty Doodles reporting!

Oh my doG, the neighbors are out there in the fields, shooting at Jacks!!! Oh my doG, what is Doodles going to do?? Jacks are my friends and no one should be shooting them!!!

Doodles has been hearing gun shots all day and although I hears them alot, cuz we live next to where they train those gundog dogs, I never thought they were shooting anything but those play gun things. They make loud noises, but they don't have bullet things, so it doesn't hurt anything. Today, Da dad tolds me that they are shooting JACKS!!!

This has gots to STOP!!! Who can help?? What can I do??? Oh, Doodles is just sick about this!! What happens if they shoots my friend, Jack???

If I sees who is doing this, Doodles might have to do something serious!!

Better go out and watch for my friend Jack. Keep your paws crossed that he's okay!!

Doodles Out!!!

Sunday, April 15, 2007

It's Me, Doodles!

Dusty Doodles Reporting!!

Sorry Doodles has been invisible, you know that diet and stuff is still happening and I thought surely I would shrink to nothing, but it didn't happen. Instead, Da momma is making my cookies now, she says they are low calorie, but I don't believe her, I think they are regular calorie cuz they taste so good.

Here is a picture of me:

As you can see, I'm not invisible. In this picture, Doodles is in his pen. I was watching Jack, who was frolicking in the field next to my pen.

Here is Jack:

This picture isn't great, cuz Da Momma took it. You know humans just don't have a good sense for these things.

Here is Doodles talking to Jack.
Jack and Doodles talked for a long time. He told me stuff, like the hawks sometimes eat the Jacks. Jack is my friend, I couldn't imagine eating Jack. Poor Jack. Doodles has seen those hawks pluck other birdies outta of the sky and all. They sure look mean. I don't wanna meet a hawk. I don't think I would like him much.

In other news, Da Sister was here for a visit with Sadie Mae. I don't like Sadie Mae anymore cuz she tried to bite Doodles AND she tried to eat all my cookies. So Sadie Mae is bad, she may be my cousin, but it doesn't mean I hafta like her and all.

Whiskey is a brat, but you all knew that right?? She steals all the toys and then won't let me pla with them, so I pile drive her. Last time I drove her head right into the ground. You think she would learn, but nope, she gets right back up and tries to do that to Doodles, but Doodles is bigger, so she can't. WOOWOO!!

Da momma has been pretty worried about Meanie Shonee. Doodles knows that Meanie Shonee is mean and all, and she's old, but I don't like it when Da momma is worried, so I hope Meanie Shonee's allergies get under control soon, so Da momma won't be worried about her and won't be feeding her special stuff and things. Here is a picture of Meanie Shonee.

Da momma says she's gonna start cookingo for Shonee and making all her dinners and stuff, to see if that helps with her allergies. If it does, she says she might cook for all of us, that would be good, cuz Da momma is a good cook!!
Today is Da sister's birfday, Happy Birfday Da sister!! WOOWOOWOOO
That's all for today, time to go get more cookies!!
Doodles Out!!