Friday, February 02, 2007

Queen Meeshka Day!

Dusty Doodles reporting!!

It's turning summer here already and we haven't even had mud season yet! The talking box says it's gonna be almost 80 on Sunday! Doodles need rain, so I can have mud!! If you have rain, please send it to Doodles -- ok??

I have a great idea! For all of us in Hula-hoop. We need to have a Queen Meeshka day where we honor her supreme Fluffiness and do the claw to our humans. Doodles says it should be on February 14, because that's the heart day on the human calendars and all of us Hula-hoopers are totally in heart with Queen Meeshka. Plus, I think it will brighten her day because you know she's like getting ignored and stuff due to the Spineless Sammy recovery. So everyone in favor of it, drop me a line and then we will make sure on Heart Day -- February 14th, we will do our best to look our complete fluffiest, claw our humans and try to sleep on their heads! Doodles will also send Meeshka a special heart day message on that day to let her know what her faithful Hula-hoopers are doing for her!

Whatcha all say???

Meeshka, if you read this -- yes, I stoled a picture from your blog -- forgive me okay????

Doodles Out!