Monday, November 26, 2007

Keep A Dog Warm

Dusty Doodles Reporting!!!
Sometimes my Da momma isn't so stoopid and sometimes she does good. This is one of those times. Da momma wrote this post to her husky groups and Doodles felt it was worthy to be posted here, so I found the post and cut and pasted it here:

It's that time of year when many charities are begging for your dollar. There are many great dog related charities out there and I support several of them myself.

But, there are dogs that are often forgotten -- shelter dogs. Many of these dogs are not adopted and face the executioner's needle. Most of these dogs are housed on concrete which can be cold and damp during the winter months. Most of the shelters do not have heating in the kennel areas and this can be especially hard on the older dogs, who take extra time to find a home (if they ever do).

This year, as it's getting colder and you are bringing out your winter blankets and quilts, I'm sure many of you will be replacing some of those blankets, quilts and throws, as yours have gotten old and just plain thread-bare. Before you toss them in the trash, could you please call your local animal shelter and see if they can use them to help keep the dogs warm??

Many of the big city dog shelters are now going to above the ground beds for the dogs, but those of us in rural areas with small shelters and smaller budgets just don't have those luxuries for our shelter dogs. A blanket can make all the difference in the world to a dog on a cold winter night.

The shelters that are still using blankets will have washers and dryers and believe me when I say they run 24/7 this time of year! More then once while I was working at the shelter, I stayed late, without pay, to make sure all the blankets were washed and each dog had one before I went home. Having extra blankets would help!

Don't worry about them being thread-bare or even if with quilts, if some of the stuffing is coming out -- most of the shelters will repair them and/or give them to dogs that won't rip them up --- remember not every cold dog is a Siberian!!

The other thing, a lot of times Wal-Mart puts their cheap throws (regular $4) on clearance after the holidays for as low as $1. These are wonderfully warm for a dog and even if you could only spend $5 (5 throws) -- it would be a big help.

Thanks for all you do, every day for the dogs!!!
So, all you huskypups, doglets and other dogs, GO now and raid your hooman's closets and pull out all their old blankets and make your hoomans take them to the shelter. Keep a dog warm! Not all dogs are as lucky as us and many could sure use a blanket.
This year Da momma said she's replacing all of our blankets with new ones and she's gonna wash up our old ones and take them to the shelter, plus she's buying a bunch of new ones from Wally's and taking them too.
Don't let any dog be cold this winter! WE can do this!! GO NOW and donate those blankets!!
Doodles Out!!

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Da Sister's HERE!!!

Dusty Doodles Reporting!!!

Da Sister is HERE!!! She and Timmay came to visit yesterday -- Doodles didn't get to jump on her head cuz it was my day outside, BUT Da momma says theys coming back TODAY and TODAY is my day in the house!!! WOOWOOWOOO!!! Doodles gets to jump on Da Sister's head!!!! DoInG tHe HaPpY hUsKy DaNcE!!!!! Doodles can't wait to jump on Da Sister's head!!!

Da momma told me that Da sister needs extra husky hugs cuz she's gonna be a MODEL teacher!! See it's like this, Da Sister is a bery, bery good teacher and her whole class of kidlets are doing really goods -- they can reads way ahead of their grades -- so Da Sister is getting the award from the currikulum peopols and she has to go to O-Land-O, Floryda!! Doodles is so excited for Da Sister and I always knew she was a good teacher, cuz she taught Doodles lots!! She taught me when I was just a little pup how to wrestle with peopols and how to sits and how to JUMP on her heads!!!! So all you huskypups and other doglets, if you live in Floryda watch for my Da Sister, k?? She's really nice to doglets and huskypups, not to mention other dogs as well. I bet she will even have cookies in her pockets in case she meets any of you!! Don't forget to jump on her head!! She says she hates it, but Doodles knows she really loves it. Da momma says she'll try to get a picture of Doodles jumping on Da Sister's head to show yous hows its done.

In other news, I know it was Turkey Day the other day and even though Doodles tried to get on the puter, the puter didn't like Doodles. So HAPPY TURKEY DAY a bit late!!

Turkey Day is a day to be thankful -- I don't know why they calls it Turkey Day and not Thankful Day -- but peopols are stupid, so it's hard telling why they have to have a whole day devoted to eating turkey. Doodles likes turkey and everything, but Doodles thinks if peopols has a day for turkey, they should have a day for chickens and we could eat chickens all day. We could call it Thank Chicken Day or somefin. I'm gonna talk to Meeshka about it and maybe when she rules the world, she will make it happen.

So what is Doodles thankful for?? Da momma says its a traydeshun to list 7 things you are thankful for on Turkey Day. So, even thoughs I'm a little lates -- here's my list:

  1. Doodles is thankful for his Da momma and his Da dad and of course Da Sister. In fact Doodles loves his whole hooman family cuz they take good cares of Doodles.
  2. Doodles is thankful that Whiskey came to be my friend and my girl. I was pretty lonely before she came and I'm really happy she's here now.
  3. Doodles is thankful for the good foods that I gets. I eats Canidae, but it always has something pecial in it. Sometimes it has chicken soups, sometimes yogert, sometimes cheese, sometimes deer or even beefalo. It's always good and it's always on time.
  4. Doodles is thankful Da momma buys the best cookies ever and I gets lots of them, as long as I don't get too fluffy.
  5. Doodles is thankful for a nice dog house when I'm outside and that I gets to sleep on the couch when I'm inside.
  6. Doodles is thankful for MUD
  7. Doodles is most thankful for YOU! All my blog friends!! Give yourself a big Husky WOOOOO!! for being such great friends.

Well, that's it for today -- time to go wait for Da Sister!!

Doodles Out!!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Dis and Dat

Dusty Doodles Reporting!!

I know, everypup, it's been a few weeks, but Doodles has been busy!! Doing nothinggg!!!! wooowooowooo!!!

We had lots of visitors the other night. Yip brought his whole klan to visit us. Several of the yippers were in our front yard -- they hopped the fence to visit with us. Now, lest you gets scared, they didn't do no harm, thems just sats on the grass part of our yards and yipped at us. We had a nice time, Da momma and Da dad said they didn't appreciate our visitors. I guess we were too noisey or somefin.

Da momma's all done doing the workie thing every day, now she's just doing her regular workie thing -- that's nice to have Da momma home with us when she's supposed to be home with us! Today she's home, cuz she said she was taking a howliday -- Doodles hasn't heard her howl yet, but I know she will sooner or later. She did however, make us cool new beds for the house. They are really for Meanie Shonee and Tunman, but Da momma says we can use them when we are in the house for our inside time. They are very nice and Doodles is trying hard not to rip them up. I don't thinks I will, cuz they are very comfortable to sleep on.

Da dad says they have a baby roo at his exoptic animul farm. Her name is Joey. Da dad says that he had to take Joey away from her momma so they could bottle feed her and make her nice to humans. One day, Da dad promised, he will bring Joey home for us to sniff her real good. Right now we just gets to sniff Da dad's jacket, which smell funny.

OH!! I almost forgots to tell yous -- we have MUD!!! Doodles loves the mud, but Whiskey Girl loves the muds more -- in fact when we don't have natural muds, she will make her own muds by swimming in the water bucket and then rolling in the dirt! She looks funny with muds all over her and Da momma doesn't like it much -- she calls her a LabberSibe cuz only Labs like muds!!

Nothing else is new here -- what's new in your neighborhood????

Doodles Out!!!