Monday, September 25, 2006

The Hat's Been Stolen and Other Fun Things

Dusty Doodles reporting here!

Well, the hat Doodles tried so hard to hang on to finally came up. That's right, I frows up. But I buried my hat, except that Whiskey found it and was parading around the yard with it, so Da momma stole it from us. She ruined all the fun. Oh well, at least I kept her on poop detail for a few days. I always have to woowoo to myself when she looks in all my poop with her funny mittens on her paws and stuff. Da momma is so weird.

In other news, Doodles caught a gopher today. See I saw him poke his head out of his hole in my pen and so I waited and waited and waited and waited and when he did it again, I grabbed him and asked him if he wanted to play. I don't think he did, cuz he died. I didn't mean to kill him, honest!! Doodles just didn't know he was so fragile. Da dad came and got him -- he saw me still trying to play with him by throwing him in the air and stuff. So Da dad took him away for his funeral. I didn't get to go and I'm thinking he is buring behind the house some wheres.

Last night my friend, Yipper came looking for me, but I was doing the sleepy in the house. I knew he was out there cuz I could hear him, and I kept waking up Da momma to let me out, but she kept telling me to go to sleepy. Da dad finally gots up and let me out and I pretended I had to pee -- but really I was looking for Yipper. When I woo'd to him, Da dad made me come in the house again. Da momma and Da dad said I kept them awake all night -- well if they would've let me out to play with Yipper, they could've slept. Da momma told Da dad that Yipper (she calls him a coyote) was in the field next to our house when she went to work. They think he's coming in too close and are gonna talk to some Fishmanhooman about what to do. Doodles doesn't understand what the Fishmanhooman knows about Yipper, but I hope he doesn't do anything bad to my friend. I know Da momma would never hurt him, cuz she loves all the critters and especially those that are my friends, but I just don't know about this Fishmanhooman person.

Oh! I heard a rumor and I don't believe it at all. Da dad took my friend, Omani to Dr. Brenda. He wasn't sick or nothing, he just needed his toes cut and Da dad and Da momma are afraid to do that, cuz my friend, Omani doesn't like his feets touched. So he went to Dr. Brenda. Da dad told Da momma that my friend, Omani screamed like a girl when Stacy cut his toes. You know, I don't like my toes cut either -- but it doesn't hurt -- so I really don't think my friend, Omani screamed like a girl. I asked him and he wouldn't tell me.

Da momma is doing that lots of that workie thing again. Something about harvest and rice. I know she works where there is rice, cuz I always smell it on her and it smells pretty good. I don't know what harvest is, but she says that if they don't get the rice in before the rain, then Doodles won't have no rice for his chicken. That would be bad. So I guess if Da momma has to workie lots to get the rice for my chicken it would be okay, but I don't like it much, cuz when she's not here, the compooter room door is shut and I can't get in here to do my blog stuff. In my next life, I'm gonna ask doG for opposable thumbs.

I almost forgot! Yesterday Whiskey and I were trying to dress up for Halloweenie cuz we heard it was coming. We rolled in the sticky stuff that the tree gives off and then rolled in the dirt and grass. We figured we could go treating as tumbleweeds. Da momma wrecked that idea too. When she saw us, she gave us BATHS! AND it was baths with horrible smelling soapy stuff. It was awful. Just awful. I don't know what to do with that Da momma. Steals my hat, steals my gopher, denies me my friends and then gives me a bath. I have to plan something downright evil.

Doodles Out!

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Are all Hoomans Stoopid??

Dusty Doodles reporting!

Doodles has not given up that hat yet and Da momma is busy doing poopie detail. She has to go out there and exam all my poop. Is that stoopid or what?? She must really want that hat back or something!

In other news -- there is CONSTRUCTION going on in my pen! That can only mean one thing -- more play things!!! Da dad was out there yesterday after my birfday celebration and he was building something on the back of my house. Whiskey and Doodles had to go out to the pen this morning and it was this box thing without a top. Pretty tall. Da momma and Da dad went somewheres, so Doodles gots to check it out really good and I peed on it for good measure. But we can't be out there when Da dad is constructing cuz he doesn't like to share his special toys -- Da momma calls them tools. Doodles heard Da momma and Da dad talking about a bedroom for my house and about taking down the playcenter -- cuz Da momma thinks it's getting dangerous -- another stoopid hooman thought. The playcenter is this:

Last year, Da dad added a tunnel to it, but Doodles can't find the pictures of that. Anyways, Da momma is thinking it's dangerous cuz it's old and Whiskey and I have kinda chewed it in places. She says she's afraid we are going fall through it now and break our legs -- is that stoopid or what?? We know where we chewed it and we know how to play king of the mountain and stuff. Anyways I heard Da momma tell Da dad to fix it and leave the tunnel and take away the stairs and the ramp and leave it open, like another veranda. I'm not sure I will like it. Doodles stands on the top to talk to the cowdogs and what happens if Da dad forgets the top?? Plus we won't have a secret hidie spot inside anymore where we can hide our things from Da momma.

But I might like a bedroom for my house. I'll take a picture when Da dad gets done constructing. Some of you might ask why I have a house outside, when I have a house inside. Well, see it's like this -- mean old ShoneeWitch has to have time in the house too. So her pack, that includes my friend, Omani, gets to come in the hoomans house every other night for sleepy time. Doodles and Whiskey has to stay out in the pen on those nights. So we has a special house that Da dad build for us. ShoneeWitch and my friend, Omani and Tundra all have houses in their pen too -- for the nights that Whiskey and Doodles gets to sleepy in the hooman house. That might sound horrible for some of yous, but really it's lots of fun to stay outside all night. At night time is when we have the best visitors -- like stinkycats, and cooncats and yippers (Da momma calls then coyoters). If Doodles didn't stay out every other night then I wouldn't have them animules as friends. So it's pretty cool.

Better go and supervise Da dad.

Doodles Out~

Saturday, September 16, 2006

My Birfday!

Dusty Doodles reporting on my Birfday celebration!

This is my new toy. Except now she doesn't have that hat. See that hat?? Doodles ates it. Well what happed is that I took it off the witch cuz I was trying to find where that squeeker thing was and Da momma saw me, so to keep Da momma from taking the hat, I just ate it. Whole. Now Da momma is really worried. She tried to make me frows up, she used a couple of different icky tasting stuffs, but I ain't given that hat back -- cuz I knows what will happen to it. I wants to keep it.

This is my cake. Whiskey had one too. It was really yummy and had the frosting stuff inside it.

This is me eating my cake. Notice how the plate is empty. I ates my cake faster then Da momma could take the picture.

This is me and Da dad helping Whiskey eat her cake. She didn't eats it too fast and she had to have it broken into little pieces. She's such a girl.

This is Me, the Doodles after Da momma tried to make me frows up. Notice my eyes are closed, I was trying to make the foam stuff in my mouth go away.

This is Whiskey stealing my toy. Don't worry, Da momma gots me a back up one, so I could have one and Whiskey could haves one. Da momma stole the hat off of the other one after I ate the first hat. She won't give it back either. I think I'm gonna wait until Da momma is watching the talking box later and then frows up in her lap. Doodles has done that before and she makes all kinds of girl noises. It was funny!! And since today is International Pain in the Butt Day, that will be what I do.

So, that was my Birfday. Doodles also gots a BIG bag of jerky. But Da momma is being stoopid and won't let me have any more until after I frows up. She did however gives me bread and BUTTER after I ate the hat -- seems someone told her to do that, I think it was Meeshka's hooman. Thank You Meeshka's hooman -- that butter was good, the bread was okay -- but better with the BUTTER.

Well better go guard my hatless witch.


Doodles Out~

It's my Birfday and I'll Woo if I wanna!

Dusty Doodles reporting!

Yesterday was my birfdays! Now I am 4 hooman years old. Da momma says we are celebrating my birfsday today!!! Yesterday I gots special foods, cuz of my birfdays. For breakfast we gots scrammy eggs with cheese and hot doggies. Last night we gots chickie with special wild rice and greenie beans. Doodles doesn't know what's we getting today, but I bet it's good, cuz Da momma says today is the celebrating day. We couldn't really celebrates yesterday cuz Da momma had to do that workie thing. I gets presents too and I bets I gets BUTTER!!! Da momma tolds me I am getting a cake too!! Da best part of yesterday was that Da momma's hip is all better!!! See Doodles told you I didn't think it was arfritis, cuz I woo'd it and it wouldn't go away. Well, Da momma wents to another doctor, I don't think it was my doctor, but maybe. Anyways, the doctor tolds Da momma that it was grrsitis. And he gave her a special shot into her hip. And now the grrsitis is all gone. WOOOWOOOO!!!

In other news, Da brother called for my birfsdays. He wants me to change my blog name to Doc's Dusty Doodles. See everyhooman calls him Doc cuz he fixes peepol in the Navy and he has always said that he was my hooman and I was his Doodles. Doodles is gonna think about this, cuz I do love my Da brother, but I jsut don't know.

Da sister called for Doodles birfdays too! And she says that the kiddles have written me and I will get the letters with the next mailpeepol day. I don't know when that is -- is it today or not?? Our mailpeepollady is nice and all, but she doesn't seem to come everyday. Da momma says it's cuz she's stoopid, but sometimes we go many days without her coming. That's when Da momma calls the main mailpeepol and tells them. That mailpeepol service is Stoopid and Doodles thinks the mail would be more consistent if us huskies delivered it. It might have alittle spit on it, cuz we don't have thumbs, but Doodles knows we would deliver it everyday.

Over at Meeshka's place, she been catching grubs. Doodles has never found those here and I am quite jealous cuz they sound really yummy. I been digging a few more holes just to make sure we don't have them, but all I find is earthworms and they taste like dirt, so I knows it's not the grubs that Meeshka is describing. Why is it some huskies have all the stuff that Doodles wants?? Grubs, snow, sleds, stay at home Da mommas. The list goes on. It makes no sense to Doodles. We should all have the same things cuz we are huskies.

What's that Doodles hears?? Da dad is making breakfast -- gotta run!! I'll write later and tell you about my birfdays presents and CAKE!!

Doodles Out!

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Doodles Gets to Go Fishing!

Dusty Doodles reporting here!

Doodles is enjoying the fall weather and hasn't been inside enough to post much, he apologizes to everyhusky and everydog and doglet. It's nice and cool out in the evenings and Doodles is loving it!! Whiskey and I play and play and play. We've even gotten Da momma to play with us a couple of times. She plays a mean game of chase. I think that means her hips are better. Doodles still thinks she has dysplasia and not arfritis. If it was arfritis, don't you think that my sneaking up and woo-ing at Da momma's hip would have made it go away?? Me, too. That's why Doodles thinks she has dysplasia and she needs to go to my doctor to get a bionic hip. Then she could play more with me and Whiskey. Doodles loves to chase Da momma!

Hey! You know what I figured out?? I figured out why hoomans call crickets - 'crickets'. It's because when you eats them, they go - crick - et in your mouths. I kinda like the sound of that so, I beens eating a lots of them. They make me frows up if I eat too many so I try to pace myself. Da momma says we must be in for a bad winter cuz we have so many crickets. Doodles wonders if a bad winter means snow?? Doodles would love for it to snow, but we never get snows.

Something interesting happened last night. Da momma and Da dad went out to gets foods and while they were gone a poleecepersons car broke right in front of our property, in fact it was right in front of Doodles' and Whiskey's pen! Doodles watched the poleeceperson get outta his car and look in the mouth of the car. I don't think he figured out what was wrong with it, because it wouldn't start for him or nothing. Doodles watched him closely, in case he had cookies in his car or maybe he might of needed a new poleecedog, but he didn't. He did however, talk to Doodles and Whiskey and he says that we are beeutiful. Da momma and Da dad came home with the foods and they went and talked to him to see if there was a bad guy or something. That's when he tolds them that his car broke and he was waiting for the toe truck. Da momma says it's pretty unusual for a poleecepersons car to break. The toe truck came and lifted the poleececar up and they went away. Doodles woo'd him good-bye.

Today Da momma and Da dad left us for a while and they said they went fishing. They didn't bring us any fishes. Doodles likes it when Da momma gets those little fishes and puts them in our swimming pool. I gets to catch them and they are yummy, but they kinda tickle going down my throats. Anyway, Da momma says that next time her and Da dad goes fishing, DUSTY DOODLES GETS TO GO TOO!!! I think that means Whiskey has to go because she's too scared to stay here without me, but that would be okay. Doodles will teach Whiskey how to catch those fishes and water birds. Then we could catch lots of fishes and stuff and Doodles wouldn't have to wait for Da momma to get home with the fishes, that she never catches, but has to buy.

Oops, I head Da dad getting our plates ready for dinner....gots to go now!!

Doodles Out!

Monday, September 04, 2006

International Lazy Week??

Dusty Doodles reporting from sunny California!

I've not posted because there was simply not enough to post about and now Doodles is finding he has quite a bit to say.

First of all Doodles and all his family, both furred and skinned were sorry to hear on the talking box about the loss of a wonderful conservationist and a great person. We all woo in sorrow for Steve Irwin and his family. May he find many animals that need his attention at the Bridge. Doodles wonders if Opy or Chuckie will be able to go to his funeral?? If so, Doodles hopes they will give him an appropriate farewell in Husky song.

News here in California is slow, although a quailbird did walk into my mouths earlier in the week. Doodles tolds you it would happen and sure enough it did. I was laying out under my veranda and here he comed. When he gots close enough, Doodles just opened my mouths and he walked right in. All Da momma and Da dad found were a few feathers, they are hard to swallow and his feets. Doodles doesn't like quailbird feets. I do have to tell you he was quite yummy in my tummy.

I been thinking, I been doing alots of thinking this week. Doodles been practicing for Meeshka's International Lazy Day and I thinks it should be whole week. One day just isn't long enough to laze around and think of these things. It took me all week to thinks of this.

Doodles hasn't heard from Da sister's little kiddles yet. But Da momma tolds me that they gots my presents and really liked them and they are supposed to be writing back to me. Doodles hopes he gets their letters soon cuz I'm anxious to start helping with their homeworks and stuff.

Well that's all Doodles has to say this time...I'll try to read everyone's blog and catch up with you all, but first I need another nap! Is it Dog Days of Summer yet?? Is that why Doodles is so sleepy??

Doodles Out!!