Sunday, January 21, 2007

Mr. Bob and Blogger is Stupid!

DustyDoodles reporting!!

First of all, Blogger is stupid. I had this wonderful post and it didn't upload it and instead ate it -- how stupid is that??? Doodles is beginning to hate blogger.

Now, Doodles wants to say a BIG ThankWOOO to Althea for sending me the codie stuff to center my HuskyBlogs codie thing. It looks so pretty now!!! THANKWOOO Althea!! Da sister is being really mean and not helping me with this codie stuff, so next time she visits Doodles is going to do the bitey thing really hard to her and teach her a lesson! When Doodles needs Da sister, Doodles NEEDS Da sister!! Althea, you saved the day!!!

This is Mr. Bob. He came to visit. See this is what happened...Da momma was on the porch with meanie Shonee and Tundra and all of a sudden Mr. Bob came out of the bushes and started walking down our perimeter fence (on the outside). Meanie Shonee ran into the yard and got a smell of Mr. Bob and ran to get Tundra. Tundra ran halfway across their pen and he got a whiff of Mr. Bob and Tundra ran up to the porch and barked for my friend, Omani to come out. My friend, Omani was sleeping in the house. My friend, Omani came running out and ran to the fence closest to where Mr. Bob was. Omani barked a "Identify yourself". Mr. Bob turned around and chuffed "I'm Bob CAT to you stupidhead". My friend, Omani got really mad and charged the fence, cuz he heard CAT and Mr. Bob called him a stupidhead. Mr. Bob just sauntered down the fence line, jumped the fence, crossed the street and disappeared into the pasture. Doodles and Whiskey watched from the far side of our pen, cuz I have never seen a CAT that was a big as Mr. Bob. In fact, I don't think Mr. Bob is a cat at all! Mr. Bob wasn't nice like the Yippers, or the Cowdogs or even Stinkycats. Mr. Bob was really grumpy and mean and Doodles didn't want to play with him or nothings. I hope if Mr. Bob comes back, he changes his attitude or somethings. Doodles is, however, very proud of Omani and he is the bravest of his whole pack. Doodles thinks my friend, Omani, should get a medal or something for being so brave.

The icy is all gone now. Wooooo! It's not too warm out, the talking box said 30's at night and 40's during the day. Just the right daytime temperature for a afternoon nap under the tree! I miss the icy though and I had gotten really good at breaking up the icy in my water bucket. See if you run in to it full blast if makes it crack and then if you jump on it, the waters break through! It was fun!! Oh well, maybe the icy will come back soon.

Da dad is almost back to normal. Da momma says Doodles still can't jump on him, but he played chase with Doodles and Whiskey and he even played wrestle with us! Doodles is so glad to have Da dad back to normal -- well expect for the jumping on him part.

Well better end this, Whiskey is driving me nuts and Doodles needs to go make her run now!

Doodles Out!!

Monday, January 15, 2007


Dusty Doodles Reporting!!!

I did IT!!! I got my codie things up there -- the Husky Blog ring isn't centered, and I don't know how to do that -- but it's there!!!

Don't tell anydog but I stole some of it from stupid Da sister's page and Sadie Mae's page!!


DoInG tHe HaPpY hUsKy DaNcE!!!!


Doodles Out!!!

Blogger and Da Sister are Stupid

Dusty Doodles reporting!

It's still icy here! I still love it!! Not many of my wild friends have been visiting, I'm sure because it's too cold for them and they are prolly in their dens or something.

Blogger is stupid. Doodles cannot figure out how to load up my Meeshka label or Dogs with Blogs or anything like that and make it into a clickable link. It's stupid. I asked Da momma to help me, but she looked at me like I was sick or something. I emailed Da sister and she hasn't even emailed me back. Da momma says something about her being to busy to help Doodles. She's stupid too.

If anyone can help, please email me. I just don't know what to do!!!!!!

Doodles Out!

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Happy New Year! And All That Stuff!!

Dusty Doodles Reporting!!

Soory it's been so long everydog, everyhusky and others! This post will prolly be really long, so Doodles can catch yous up on stuff.

Santa Paws Day -- Santa Paws did it again!! Doodles just doesn't know how he operates! I waited outside ALL night long and I never saw him and yet, when I comed in the house, there was my PRESENTS!!! Doodles and Whiskey gots lots of PRESENTS!!. We gots all kinds of COOKIES, stuffed toys, squeeky toys and even BONES!!! Santa Paws brought Doodles a stuffie snake, almost like the snake that I battled last summer. I been trying to kill it!

Da sister was here for Santa Paws Day and she brought Sadie. Sadie and Doodles woo'd and barked, but we couldn't play cuz, of Da dad.

Da dad -- Da dad is almost all better now. He makes our foods and brings it to us and he has even play wrestled with me a time or two. Doodles is still being careful of his chest, cuz he says it still hurts him some. It's so nice to have Da dad back to almost normal.

Da momma -- Da momma is doing that workie thing 6 days a week. She says that Da dad's operation cost lots of dollars and that she has to work extra to pay for it. Doodles says she needs to use my special plastic card that she uses when Doodles goes to the Doctor. Da momma says that's only for us dogs for 'mergencies. Doodles misses Da momma when she's gone so much, so I been giving lots of kisses and stuff.

Hey everydog and everyhusky! We gots ICE and lots of ICE. See it don't snow here in California, and it rarely gets really, really cold. But for the past week, it's been down right frosty!!! Doodles LOVES it!! Da momma is letting Whiskey and Doodles stay outside at nights, because she says that the old dogs (that meanie Shonee, Tundra and my friend Omani) have to stay in out of the cold because they are so old and stuff. That's ok, Doodles would rather be outside in the ICE then in the hot, stuffy house!! I don't even use my outside house -- although Whiskey does -- she's such a wimp. Doodles has been sleeping just right out next to the water bucket! It has been so cold and ICY that Da momma has to break up our waters in the morning and then a couple of other times during the day. I heard her tell Da sister on the phone that there was almost 2 inches of ice in our buckets! I don't know much about that snow stuff, but if it's anything like this ice -- I want it!!! This morning Da momma brought our breakfasts out to us and she took her gloves off to feel my tummy to make sure I wasn't too cold or anything. I grrrrrrrd at her -- her hands were really cold on my warm tummy!! She checked my ears too and then Whiskey. But Whiskey didn't grrrrrr at her or anything. We gots to come in the house right after breakfast though and we'll be in all day!!!

Doodles finally did it...I updated to the new blogger! What that means is all the great codie stuff Da sister did for me is gone. All my links are gone. Doodles is sad about that, but I like the new layout and I thought it was appropriate for a new year and all! I'm gonna write to Da sister and have her re-do my codie. Da momma says she doesn't have school tomorrow, so I'ms thinking that she could do it today or tomorrow. And I don't remember who is linked to me and who I used to be linked to -- so if you are linked to me, let me know and I'll put you up on my links. If you want me to link to you, let me know that too!!

Meanwhile, you gets not much in links and pretty codie stuff. I'll work on it.

Well, better so bribe a cookie off of Da momma -- see she's feeling guilty about Doodles and Whiskey sleeping outside every night during this ICEY weather AND she feels guilty for all the workie thing -- so Doodles has to capitalize on that, cuz it means more COOKIES!!!

Doodles Out!