Sunday, July 30, 2006

New News!

Dusty Doodles here reporting~

Congratulations to Meeshka for her 24 hours blogathon. She raised over $1000 for the huskies that need homes and future HULA members. Also thank you to Opy and Charlie for helping to keep Meeshka awake, while the rest of us in dogdom slept and only dreamed of her.

In news in my neighborhood....well the hoomans are at it again. They keep trying to steal my furs. I've noticed that when my furs starts falling out it gets hot. So Doodles thinks that if he keeps his furs it won't get hot and maybe if I keeps enough of them, it will snow. Never fail, just when I think I've got it going on and am going to get to keep my furs those evil hoomans bring out the brushes and blowers and other instruments of torture to steal my furs. They can make me lie down, but they can't keep me from growling and snarling and generally throwing a fit. I even try to bitie them -- not that I would, but it's fun to watch them jump and stuff!! Well I guess I over did it on the bitie thing because they put a nose glove on my nose. How absolutely insulting. Doodles took it off and then grabbed their arm with the brush thing and held it. They got the message, but not before they stole a whole bagful of my furs.

Da momma bought OTTER POPS yesterdays, but they aren't frozen yet. She says we haves to eat all the Pup Pops first and then she will freeze them. That's okay, at least I know they are here and I feel so much better.

Oh, I found a picture of a stinky cat and will try to post it later. Seems blogger doesn't like Doodles this morning cuz it won't let me post any pictures.

In other news, hmmmm lets see. Nothing much is happening. It's still cool outside -- which is good. Oh, I did notice that Meeshka on her blog talked about the big blue water bowls. We have those -- they are our swimming pools. We have a blue one and a purkle one and then a BIG silber one and a smaller black one. When you lives in the hottest parts of the world, you gots to go swimming. I'm gonna try to post a picture of Doodles swimming in the big silber one. Cross your paws. It worked!!! So that's our BIG pools.

We also have misters for when we hafta be when the hoomans are working or the it's the meanies time in the house. The misters are hung in our pen and then spray a fine mist of water down on us -- they help keep us cool like the pools.

That's enough for now cuz Whiskey Girl is biting my leg and I gots to go whomp on her!

Doodles Out!

Saturday, July 29, 2006

No news tonight

Dusty Doodles here -

No news tonight, busy keeping up with the blogathon. So I leave you with a picture of a cowdog to entertain you -- but you better look quick and then get back over to Meeshka's place. We gots to keep her awake with our comments ya know!!!!

Friday, July 28, 2006

Frysdays Happenings

Dusty Doodles reporting here!

Doodles don't feel so good. I frews up my breakfast today. It wasn't fun and I don't like frowsing up. I felt better after I did though and now I'ms waiting for my dinner. Da momma says she'll feed me cuz Doodles hasn't done it again. I think it was the lizard I ate before breakfast. I swallowed him quick like cuz Da momma saws his tail sticking out of my mouth and I know she was gonna make me leave it. Doodles didn't want to leave it, so I swallowed him. Oops. Bad lizard.

It's cooler today. The weatherhooman didn't lie!!! It's not snowing or anything, but it was only about 90 I heards on the talking box. Doodles did the happy Husky Dance!!!

I did not get Pup Pops today cuz of my tummy. But I didn't bother Da momma abouts them either. I didn't want to upset my tummy and not get my dinner cuz we're having CHICKEN for dinner.

In other news -- Whiskey and Doodles were on the cat watch today. See Da hoomans here feed the wild cats outside the fence. They don't want them to come too close, cuz last time they did -- well, we had a funeral. So they feeds them outside the fence, but we can see them from the backyard. So Whiskey Girl and I sat and watched for them for a long, long time but they didn't come out to play today. You think cats can smell us or something??

While we were cat watching though, we saw a JACK! The Jacks are out and running through the field and we saw them!! Jacks are funny animuls, with them long ears and everything. And they run funny, kinda like a hop or something. I told Whiskey I thought they had the hip problem that some doggies get, but she told me I was stoopid. Doodles is not stoopid.

So that's the news today. Don't forget about Meeshka's blogathon for the homeless huskies. It starts in the morning. I can't wait to see the pictures of her on her hooman's head!! And all the money that's being raised for them huskies that need homes. I hope they all get homes with compooters so they can blog and we can work on taking over the world. Check my links for Meeska's page and make sure you visit there!!

Doodles Out~

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Fun on Fursday

Dusty Doodles here reporting the happenings!

I am still out of OTTER POPS but I might have forgiven Da momma for not running right out to the store and getting more. She made me Pup Pops! They are ice cubes that taste like CHICKEN! Doodles loves chicken second best in the world, next to Otter Pops. So Doodles kinda liked these Pup Pops. I'll let you know if she comes through tomorrow with more of them.

In other news, I want to woo to Da sister for updating my links and stuff. Da momma is kinda stoopid when it comes to that stuff and she doesn't trust the Doodles to figure it out on his own. So I just email Da sister and she does it for me. If you'd like me to link to you, let me know and I'll tell Da sister to add you.

Otherwise, it was a little puppy bit cooler and the weatherhooman says that by Satsday it is supposed to be back in the low 90's or high 80's. That may sound hot to some, but we have been blistering our paws with 110 to 115 so those temperatures sure sound nice. I understand that it's WINTER where Opy and Charlie live and I woo'd Da momma telling her I wanna to go and visit them...she said no.

There was a stinky cat out early this morning. I saws him walking down the street. You do know what a stinky cat is right?? It's those cats that smell a lot and are black and white. I saws him walking down the street and I was sure he was gonna get hit by a car or something, but he didn't. I wanted to go rub on him because that smell is kinda interesting. I member when I was a little pup and was still crated at night, one of those stinky cats came in the yard and got his stinks all over the 3 big dogs. They had to go to the doctors and get shots and then had baths everyday for a week cuz the hoomans wanted to throw up everytime they came in the house. It was pretty funny and I laughed my puppy booty off.

I saws the cowdogs today. They came by for a visit. They sure are interesting with their moo's instead of woo's. Just when I think I have it figured out what they are saying, they change the subject. Kinda rude if you ask me. I think one of them is gonna have a cowpup. I think that's what they said. I'll keep you informed. Maybe if they do have a cowpup, he'll be more my size and I'll get to play with him.

That's the news for today.

Doodles Out~

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Happening News

Dusty Doodles reporting.

Doodles is having a national emergency. This is not a test, this is the real thing!!!


Everyone who knows Doodles, knows I live for Otter Pops in the summer. They are cool and icy and taste really, really good. Da momma showed me the box from the cold box and it's EMPTY! I woo'd her and told her to get her booty to the store right now and get some more, but she said it was too hot. HOW DOES SHE THINK DOODLES FEELS WITHOUT HIS OTTER POPS!!!???!!

I then tried the Claw from Meeshka fame, but my hooman just moves too quick, so that didn't work. I just don't know what to do or how I'll manage without my Otter Pops. Da momma says she's not going to the store until Satsday and today is only Wedsday. That means I don't have any Otter Pops for Fursday or Frysday. I'm gonna die. I am not a happy Doodles and I even did the bitey thing on Da momma's toes and it's not working. Nothing is working. HELP!!!

I'm going to try a hunger strike and see if that works!

Doodles Out~

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Neighborhood News

Dusty Doodles reporting from the neighborhood!

That weatherperson lied. It's still hot, blistering hot and there is no snow in sight. It doesn't snow here -- so that's no lie!

Today I bit Whiskey on the nose. Not real hard, but hard enough that it left a mark and a bump. She had it coming. She's always grabbing me by my beautiful mane and throwing me around and it was just too hot for Doodles to play today. So I bit her. Don't worry, she still loves me.

We gots to try Chinesefoods tonight. Da momma said it was too hot for her to cook, so she sent Da dad to town for the Chinesefoods. We had noodles and rice and some kinda meat. Da momma said it was supposed to be chicken, but it didn't taste like chicken to her, so she wouldn't eat it. We gots it. It was chicken. It was yummy. Yup yummy.

One of our chickens died. I DIDN'T KILL HER!!!! Da dad thinks the heat got to much for her. They are old chickens. So old they don't lay those egg things any more. Da momma says they were in their tirement, and this was thier tirement home. I wanted to eat them. But they are outside our back yard in their own pen. I couldn't even dig in there because they have that wire stuff on the ground to protect them. So anyway now we only have 2 chickens in tirement. They are black. I still wish I could eat them cuz Doodles likes chicken. Da momma says no eating the chickens cuz they are our pets. I don't know if they had the chicken's funeral yet, I didn't see Da momma cry and Da momma cries whenever anything dies. Hoomans are so silly sometimes.

In other news -- Da sister is supposed to be fixing my blog so you have my email. Yup, Doodles stole the secret code and set up his own email account. Shhhhh don't tell Da momma, k??

Tomorrow Doodles is going SHOPPING for new toys with the plastic card that he stole. I'll let you know what I bought, I'm gonna check out that eBay thing and see if they have any Doodle or Whiskey stuff.

Doodles Out!!

Whiskey Girl

Dusty Doodles here reporting on my girl!

This is Whiskey Girl. She's my girl. I love my girl. Isn't she beeeuteeeful????

Da hoooman momma and dad gots her for me so I wouldn't be by myself. See, a while ago Shonee the witch with a 'b' decided I couldn't live with her and Omani and Tundra and she tried her hardest to kill me. So I had to go into a pen by myself. Da momma didn't know if it was me or her that started all the trouble and so I had to go through all kinds of tests. Tests at the doctors and tests at the trainer and tests with peoples and tests with other dogs. I tried to tell them it wasn't me that was the problem, it was that meanie, Shonee. But I pasted all my tests and they decided I needed a friend. I did, I was lonely for the rough and tumble husky play.

Da momma put out the word to rescues and stuff and a BREEDER called her about Whiskey Girl. See Whiskey Girl was supposed to be a famous show dog, but she had some traumas in her life and they left her a wild child. Da momma called her 'near feral'. Don't know what that means but whatever, them hoomans have lots of names for things. The breeder asked da momma if she would take Whiskey Girl because there was no where else for her. No one would buy her and they didn't want to send her to the bridge. So Da momma brought her to meet me and it was love at first sight. I loved Whiskey Girl and she loved Doodles.

Whiskey Girl has come along way since she first camed here. At first she wouldn't come into the house and we had to herd her. I ain't no herding dog, so that was hard for me. Now Whiskey Girl has learned that Da hoomans love her too and wouldn't hurt her, so she comes in and everything. She's still scared sometimes, but I run to her when she gets scared and woo to her and make her all better.

Whiskey Girl loves COOKIES about as much as I do and that's the one thing I don't like about her. She's a cookie hound. Cookies are for Doodles and Doodles will share, but it doesn't mean he has to like sharing. Da momma makes sure I get the biggest and the bestest cookies, cuz I'm her favorite -- at least I better be.

So that's the story of my Whiskey Girl.

Doodles Out!

Monday, July 24, 2006

Setting Things Straight

Dusty Doodles here setting the record straight!

Doodles has had some questions and I thought I should answer them. First I want to thank all of you for leaving wonderful comments about my new blog. I just love dem comments!!

My real name is Karamad's One Dusty Guy. Da hoomans named me. See I am grey and white and they thought I looked dusty. They didn't know that right before I met them I gots a bath, so I wasn't even dusty. But that's my real name. They call me Dusty or Doodles or Dusty Doodles. I like Dusty Doodles cuz it just fits.

Sadie Mae is really my niece. But huskies don't have nieces, we have cousins. Sadie Mae's momma is my Da momma's daughter. I call Sadie Mae's momma my Da sister. Sadie Mae is a lab who wants to be a husky and I think she would make a good husky -- she just needs to get fluffier.

Meeshka is not my girlfriend. Ok, so Doodles has a crush on her. Doodles thinks Meeshka is beeeutiful and quite fluffy. My girl is Whiskey Girl. I will post about her probably tomorrow. Whiskey Girl is quite pretty and fluffy. Whiskey Girl and I live together -- but don't worry there won't be any little husky paws hitting the floor, we are both fixed. Da momma says all puppies or dogs that come here are broken and have to get fixed cuz there are too many puppies and dogs that don't have homes.

My sponsorship of Meeshka in her blogathon did not put her over $500, although it brought her pretty close -- but I am still interested in seeing the picture of her sitting on her hooman's head. I would like to take credit for the picture being posted and Meeshka making her goal, but I only helped, I wasn't the 'winning' sponsor.

I've never heard of eBay. I'm gonna have to check that out -- do they have good toys and treats there?? Since I stole the plastic, I gets to go shopping!!!

Yes, I have killed a cat. Honest, it wasn't my fault. I found him in my yard and I was just playing with him. Who knew they were so fragile. I was really upset when he died and the hoomans found out, cuz they took him away for burial and I didn't get to attend the funeral.

I been trying to post a picture of me and this blog won't cooperate tonight, so you all will have to wait until tomorrow.

Doodles Out.

Checking In

Doodles here, reporting as usual.

It's still hotter then you know what outside. Even though the weather people promised cooler days, they lied.

It's been so hot even the cowdogs are not coming around to play. Yep, we have cowdogs as neighbors. Da hoomans call them cattle, but I know they are cowdogs. The come to the fence and invite us to play -- we can't go over there -- it's got zappy wire, but we woo to them and they woo back -- except their woo sounds kinda funny, more like a moooooo. I haven't seen them since it got so hot. Da hooman Momma says that they are probably staying at the pond, where it's cooler. Maybe so, but I miss them.

Otherwise, lets see, hmmmm....the bluelady came today. She's nice and gives us cookies. Doodles loves cookies!! She says she reads the meter, but I don't know what that is. She parks at the gate, walks in the walkway gate and goes to the back of the house. Then when she comes out she gives us COOKIES. I woo her all the way back!

Well that's it for now, maybe more later about WHISKEY GIRL.

Doodles Out.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Sadie Mae

This is Sadie Mae. Sadie is a lab, she's not a husky. Sadie is my cousin. She owns my hooman sister, Becca. Sadie used to live close to us, but then Da Sister got a job in the desert, so they moved far, far away -- all the way to SoCal, in the desert. Da Sister has to teach them little kids at a school. And Sadie doesn't like staying home by herselfs, so she escapes sometimes. Da sister thinks she has it fixed so the Sadie doesn't escape any more....but I don't know. Last time Sadie escaped she went to ARIZONA. That's a long way from her home in the desert. A lady found her and took her to the doctor to get her neck scanned and they found Sadie had a microchip and Sadie gots to go home to her mom. I gots a microchip too. But I'm not real keen on escaping. When I get out of my pen, I just run to the back pen so I can come into the house. Da hoomans have a perimeter fence and it has zappy wire on it to keep us in. I don't like zappy wires so I don't go near it.

Sometimes the way Sadie escapes and some of her other escapades makes me think she's part husky. She's not. She's just a lab trying to be a husky. I think she learned it from me.

Check out Sadie's blog when you have time, I had Da sister list it in the sidebar so you could find it easier.

Oh, and don't forget to sponser my favorite girl, MEESHKA, in her upcoming blogathon. Meeshka is raising money for the homeless huskies that Harnessed To Hope are trying to help. Just click on Meeshka's fluffiness and it will take you right to her blog.

Doodles Out.

It's Da Bird Da Bird!!!

Hello, Dusty Doodles reporting here...

Just had an interesting adventure! I went outside to the backyard and there was a big ole bird in the yard. Not your regular song bird, but a big white bird. Da hooman momma called it a pidgeon or sumthin like that. I spied it and started stalking it....ever so slowly....crawling along....almost on my belly....and then I pounced! I almost gots it!! Almost!!! I then tried to snag it outta da air, but it ran into the porch and da hooman momma thought that it was gonna fly into the house, so she closed the door really quick like. Dat pidgeon flew away, but I think he landed somewheres close by. So I'm gonna check it out later...first I need a nap. Way too much excitement for one hot afternoon.

Doodles Out!

Huskies and Da Heat

It's me, Doodles reporting!

I wants to talk to you about something important. Many hoomans think you can't have huskies in the heat and that we haveta live in like Alaska or sumthing. Well Alaska is nice, so I hear, but I'm hear to tell you that huskies can live any
where that hoomans can.

In the heat we need WATER and OTTER POPS and SHADE and of course air conditioning would be nice too, but it's not necessary. See our fluffiness insulates us against the cold as well as the heat. So DON'T EVER SHAVE A HUSKY. By shaving us you are taking away our natural insulation and we will actually be much hotter, not to mention we will probably sun burn and get skin cancer. YES, dogs can get skin cancer and it's bad.

If you live in a climate that gets hot, it doesn't mean that you can't own us. It just means that you have to pay attention to us more. Give us lots of cool water to drink. Swimming pools are great to cool are pads (which is where are only sweat glands are) and da hooman momma says they are pretty cheap at Wally's. It's nice if you can provide us with a fan, or better yet, air conditioning, but if you have to keep us outside, make sure we have lots of shade to lie in and misters are a good thing. Most of the home stores sell them, so the hooman says, and they are pretty cheap. They do help keep it cool for us.

If you see we are over heating, get us to a cool place and run cool water over us. DO NOT just dunk us in cool water, but run cool water over us. There something about evaporation or something. Take our temperatures and if it's hotter then 106 or so, better call our doctors, she will give you more instructions on what to do for us.

But yes, we can be kept in places like Florida or even in the Desert of California. My cousin, Sadie Mae lives in the desert and she knows a couple of huskies that her momma (my hooman sister) works with. They do fine there and it's mainly hotter then here.

Doodles Out!!

It's Me Doodles Here...

I'm reporting from the house today. It's too hot for man or beast to be outside. We are having a heat advisory here in NorCal. Yesterday it got up to 114 and I don't think it's any better today. It's not even cooling off at night. This makes Doodles sad.

Anyway, welcome to my new blog!! My hooman sister had to help set it up cuz Doodles don't know that codie stuff like she does. I hope it looks pretty.

My hooman sister doesn't live with us any more. She lives with Sadie Mae, the lab and they live in the desert. Sadie Mae tells me it's much hotter there than here. I don't know about that -- it's pretty hot here.

My hooman da momma and da daddy live with me, along with WhiskeyGirl, my own personal Husky playmate! There are also 3 other dogs here, but the girl in that pack, Shonee, doesn't like me and we fight to kill each other, so I have to live in my own pen with WhiskeyGirl.

Da momma and Da daddy rotate us in the house, so we gets to come in and relax -- sometimes it's okay and sometimes I'd rather be outside where the important stuff goes on.

Ok, so more later -- Doodles is gonna try to publish this thing and make sure it works. If it does then I'll be back to talk about the heat and da huskies.

Doodles Out!