Sunday, October 22, 2006

Pumpkin Time!

Dusty Doodles Reporting!

We gots our pumpkins yesterday. Doodles didn't think we'd get pumpkins this year, cuz Da momma said she couldn't find any our size. So yesterday she gots on the phone and called and called and then went bye-bye in the car and when she came home she had our PUMPKINS!

Here I am enjoying the first bites on my pumpkin.

Here is Whiskey getting her first EVER pumpkin. Notice I was really chomping on my pumpkin. First you have to eats off the stem part and then you can gets to the good parts.

And here we both are, enjoying our pumpkins.
Doodles loves his pumpkins!

In other news, lets see. I saw Meeshka was talking about re-training her hooman lady. That happens every day here. Seems Da momma is always forgetting when it's time for Doodles to have his cookies. So I have to remind her, lots and lots and sometimes even resort to the claw and the bitie thing.
Da momma says we are having an India summer. I don't know what that is, but it hasn't been very cool during the days, only at night, and Doodles doesn't like that. I thought fall was here and winter was soon to follow and then all of a sudden it's down right hot during the days again. Not any fair I say, and Opy and Charlie need to keep the summers down under with them.
We had a visitor last night, but I'm not sure if it was Yipper or who, cuz I was busy doing the sleepy in the house. Pumpkins wore me out and we gots to sleep in the house last night. Yipper will have to come back tonight, so we can visits. We gots us a bandit too. Least he looks like a bandit. He has a little mask right around his eyes, but it's not a husky kinda mask, it's a bandit kinda mask. He's been trying to get into our outside goodie can, but Da dad put rubber things on it and he can't get in. He chitters at us, but I don't speak bandit too good, so I don't know what he's saying. I hope he keeps coming back though, cuz I'd like to learn his chittering and then we could talk and stuff. Da momma says he can be mean, but he doesn't look too mean to Doodles.
Da momma has still been doing too much of that workie thing. She tolds me that she will go back to her normal workie hours in a couple more weeks. By then it better be winter or something.
Here is one last picture of Doodles, after I had enjoyed my pumpkin -- well I still have some left.

Better go and finish my pumpkin.
Doodles Out!!

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Breaking Weather -- It's Cooler Out there!

Dusty Doodles reporting!

Hey everyhusky, it's almost winter!! Doodles can tell this because it's cooler outside and I am not panting like a panting bear or something. Of course we don't get that snow stuff, only rain and mud, but I can smell the rain on the horizon!! Doodles is very happy! Da dad should be packing up our swimming pools any days now and we should be getting in our straw!

Yes, we gets straw for our pens and our outside houses. Doodles loves it when the straw comes. It comes in big bales and I gets to help Da momma and Da dad distribute it around my pen and in my house. The hoomans say that the straws keeps all the mud from coming into their house, and I guess it does, but it's way fun to play in and hide things in and it smells so good, I just have to rub my whole body in it!! I can't wait for the straws to come!!

In other news, Da sister went home, but not before she gave me more sammich. This sammich wasn't pig butt, it was cowdog butt. I hoped it wasn't one of my cowdog friends that are missing. Da momma says they went north for the winter, but I think she's lying, because I watch the birds and stuff and everything goes south for the winter.

We had a near flood in the hooman house and I didn't do it!! See in the kitchen they have this bucket where the faucet is and it drains out somewheres -- I don't know where that water goes -- anyway, one day Da dad was washing the dishes in the kitchen bucket (I know, I could've washed them, but they won't let me) and the bucket overflowed. Da dad said a lot of bad words about clog and stopped up and stuff. So he took everything out of that cupboard under the hooman bucket and I gots to help him fix where the water goes. I tried to hold the portable light thing, but he thought I was stealing it and took it away. I was just trying to help. Then I thought I would hand him his toys -- except he calls them tools, but again, he thought I was stealing them. He made me go outside and locked me and Whiskey out there, so we wouldn't continue helping him. He said he didn't need our kind of help. I wonder who helped him then??
Anyway Da dad finally got the water to go wherever it goes and Da momma was much happier.

Whiskey got her first gopher. He died when she tried to play with him. I tried to tell her that you have to be gentle or they die too quick, but she didn't listen. She then laid him out for Da momma to find -- again, I told her bad idea, because Da momma would take it away for the funeral and we wouldn't get to go. Sure enough, Da momma and Da dad took the gopher and had the funeral without us.

Well better run -- now that we can run, cuz it's not a million degrees out there!!

Doodles out!

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Dusty Doodles Reporting!
Da Sister came to visit!!!
Here I am with Da Sister, asking nicely for her sammich.

Here WhiskeyGirl joins in asking for the sammich. We really, really wanted the sammich and we were giving her our cutest, fluffiest, I want that sammich look.
And look, we got the sammich.
It was a really good sammich. It has pig butt and cheese and stuff on it. Doodles really, really liked it. Doodles wishes that Da sister would come visit more often, so we could get more sammiches.
Doodles Out!!